Tarnished - Chapter 60

Joe comes to pick up his truck, and Viola takes a shopping trip.
"I don’t understand why your mother won’t come round." Joe shrugged as he stood on my front doorstep, waiting for me to put my sandals on. "You’re her daughter; he is just the man who made you extremely unhappy."

"It’s more about the fact that she wants grandchildren while she’s still alive, and now that she’s realized how much Korbin and I actually hate each other, she’s gone off in a huff." I shrugged back, "she’s never left it this long before phoning me though. It’s been two weeks!"

Joe shrugged again, "I have no clue... Mothers can be like that. Are you ready?"

I looked around my living room, and picked up my handbag, "Yes sir!"

"Okay, where did you want me to drop you off again?"

"Just by the market entrance. Not too far, we’re staying in the village. If that’s okay with you?"

"Yeah, that’s fine." He answered, grinning at me. "Besides, you’ve kept my truck safe all this time, the least I can do is give you a lift somewhere in it, before I take it home."

Joe had come to pick up his truck finally, he had come on his BMX bike, or his unborn child’s bicycle as I called it. I sat in the passenger side as he put the bike in the back of the truck and then sat in the driver’s seat. I needed to go to the market today to buy some curtains and some bits and bobs; I didn’t want to drive though because there were never any places to park, so I took advantage of Joe while I could...

"How will you get home?" Joe asked, reversing out of my driveway.

"I’ll get a taxi!" I spoke enthusiastically. He nodded in agreement and soon we were driving deep into the heart of the village.


Joe pulled up outside the entrance of the market place. Literally. Luckily there hadn’t been any lorries offloading goods, so he had snatched the usual docking station. We gave each other a high five, and then I stepped out of the truck. I waved at him as he drove out of the docking station, and then I turned to walk into the market.

The sound of a car horn caught my attention and I spun around to hear and see a roaring, silver Mercedes slide into the docking station. I was suddenly frozen to the spot, my legs wouldn’t move, it was like a horrible nightmare when you’re being chased by an evil, vicious bunny and you can’t run! My heart sank and then sighed in relief as a woman who had been waiting nearby stepped into the car and drove off with the female driver. My legs jolted back into action as I walked deep into the market. Rather joyously, I stopped at a stall where there were long pieces of material dangling around everywhere.

I pulled some hair behind my ears and then sighed at my panic at simply seeing his car. "A spoiled person will always be a spoiled person." I uttered to myself as I straightened my shirt out and then began looking at the material.

I brought some material which I would sew into appropriate curtain cuttings. I moved onto the baby clothes stall; thinking of Chrissie. Perhaps I could get her unborn child a gift… I searched through the stall, pink was too feminine, blue was too masculine, yellow on the other hand, seemed quite suitable! I bought a bright yellow baby grow. My heart twinkled with ‘awwwws’ as I paid for it. I saw a package of baby milk bottles… Some really funky ones… I bought them for Liz. After which I quickly walked out of the stall, for fear of getting TOO carried away.

I walked upon a little book stand. My eyes were drawn to the maternity, ‘new mothers’ sections… Within a second, I got carried away. I bought the nicest and most helpful books and then walked to a clothing stand. I again got distracted… By some t-shirts. White, crisp colous. Beautiful. I brought them in a flash, realizing how much I had missed shopping, I stumbled upon Korbin.

He seemed as shocked to see me as I was shocked to see him. "What…"

I blinked.

He blinked.

He avoided eye contact.

I continued to eye him up.

He continued to ridiculously avoid eye contact.

His suspicious countenance did not amuse me, so I decided to dismiss him by pushing my way past him.

He suddenly grabbed my arm. "Are you pushing me away?" His tone of voice was accused and my answer came flying back.

"I didn’t invite you in the first place," my eyes shot stones at him as I continued to walk briskly away.

That was all it took. He was now following me, from stall to stall. He wasn’t touching me, or even trying to talk to me. He was just watching me as I brought more clothes and decorations for my home. At first he seemed genuinely curious at all the garments I was buying; it was like having a child watching me… As if he were just growing more and more curious by the moment. Soon after the curiosity was replaced with impatience. Soon he was folding his arms, pacing around me, and raising his eyebrow at me to tell me to hurry up. I ignored him. I was here to shop, and that I would do. He had no right to come here and impose any control on me. And what the hell was he doing here anyway?

I got to a garden stall when he decided, he would finally speak, "Are you going to shop all day?"

I didn’t look at him; I just ignored him and picked up some fairy lights.

He grabbed my arm, but the stall employee noticed his sudden movement, so he had to mask his sudden act of violence by rubbing his hand all the way down my arm until it reached my hand, which he then proceeded to hold. "What I mean is, can we talk?"

I snatched my arm away which made the stall employee flinch again, but I didn’t care. "Why are you here? Why are you following me?" I hissed as I began walking away. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was reaching the stage where I had already looked at every stall at least once and now I was just wasting time hoping he would leave. If I left the market to go home, he’d follow me. I had no idea how I would get rid of him and suddenly felt like the typical victim of domestic abuse; all alone in a public setting, not wanting to cause a scene, whilst being hunted by a vicious ex.

As predicted, he followed me as I walked. "Why are you pushing me away? I thought-"

"You thought what?" I spun to look at him, aggravated.

He blinked at me again, "Just that…"

"No. No. No." I couldn’t stop saying no. "No. No. I don’t care what you thought. What are you doing here?"

"I saw Joseph’s van and…"

"So you followed it?"

"I thought he might lead me to…"

I shook my head, "I don’t want to know. Stop following me." I attempted to walk away but he grabbed some of my bag from my hands.

"Here, let me take those."

"What on earth are you doing?" I was half-stunned trying to get my shopping bags back.

"No, I want to carry them."

"No, I can carry them myself."

We struggled for a bit before I eventually managed to snatch them back from him. I shook my head at him and then began walking away again. Out of nowhere, he scooped me up in his arms and began carrying me. I struggled the entire time and eventually managed to half-poke him in the eye, after which he put me down again.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I hissed, angry at him for being such a weirdo.

He threw his hands up in the air in exasperation, and then signaled at the ground behind us. I followed his signal and saw a gigantic puddle on the ground… "I just saved your sandals, and this is how you say thank you?"

I looked from the puddle to Korbin, and from Korbin to the puddle. I then straightened my shirt and adjusted the bags in my hands.

"Well?" He insisted.


"You’re unbelievable!"

"And you’re a pain in the neck." I retorted as I rolled my eyes at him, turning to walk away. A sudden thudding in my chest reminded me of how much I feared him.

He placed his hand in mine again and yanked me back to him, a new venom glazing over his eyes. "The truth is, I was hoping I would see you because I was worried about you."

I shook my head, knowing that these were not words of honesty. I could see it in his eyes, they were no longer surprised or just blinking. They were searching my face in spite. "I don’t believe for a second, that Korbin Farrington would ever worry about me."

His eyes flashed. "Well, you’re wrong. I did worry. I know you’ve moved to your new house, and I know how expensive these things can be, especially if you’re by yourself. So I wanted to give you this." He reached into his pocket and got out his wallet, passing me a wad of cash. I closed my hand, refusing to take it, but he forced it on me.

"I don’t need ‘your’ money," I stated boldly.

He smirked, "I know, you don’t need it. But I want you to have it. Let it be seen as your payment…" His eyes looked me up and down. "For the services and pleasure you gave me at the villa-"

My hand scrunched up the notes of money before I threw them back at his face, literally. After which I straightened the muscles in my hand and swiped him clean across the face. It felt good.

I took a step closer to him as he recovered from the slap. Our faces were inches from each other as I squared up to him. "I am not a prostitute." I did not whimper with fear, although tears did build in my eyes. "If you want to pay me anything, pay me compensation for all the wasted years and torture you put me through. Pay me." For a moment I went to walk away but then I leaned my head close to his again as water built up in his eyes. "Pay me with your life."

With that, I swiftly turned and walked away, a bounce in my step and a sizzling hand which had finally gained the satisfaction of hurting him. Even if it only hurt him a little bit, it still felt amazing. I didn’t look back, and I didn’t see him again for the rest of that day.

I went home that day and cried. With all my new things, I cried.
Published: 11/28/2014
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