Tarnished - Chapter 9

Dr. Viola Farrington reveals the events that occurred after a seemingly fun, innocent night out with her husband and his friends. Was this the moment she realized that the people you love are the ones that can hurt you the most? Or did she have to learn that some other way?
We opened the front door of our mansion and stepped into the foyer. I began removing my high heels and coat while Korbin lazily threw his keys down on a little table and flicked the light switches on. It was late at night... very late.

"So did you have fun tonight?" He asked me, as I turned to him and began removing his coat.

"I did. The restaurant was nice." I smiled at my husband as he shuffled one arm out of the coat, and then the other.

He stared at me. "Did you like my friends?"

I chuckled, "Yes, I found it quite easy to have a conversation with them. It wasn’t awkward at all, like I had imagined."

He nodded his head. "Yes." He smiled. "And what about Tom?"

I hung his coat on one of the coat racks and faced him. "He’s a funny man." I chuckled again; Korbin was obviously relieved that I got along well with his friends. The fact that it was so important to him made me smile.

I turned to walk down the hall and into the kitchen when Korbin began following me. "Yes... Was he a good dancer?"

My mind flashed back to the evening’s events, where the restaurant’s live band had begun playing luxurious jazz and Korbin had been too shy to dance with me. Tom had instead insisted on dancing, and Korbin laughed and encouraged us as we left the table, giving us his full blessing to dance while he sat comfortably observing.

"Hmmmm. Yes darling, I suppose he was." I shrugged, having not really rated Tom’s technique.

"He seemed to enjoy dancing with you." We had reached the kitchen, and this last comment was escorted with a change in Korbin’s tone of voice.

I turned to face him, observing his now cool and blank expression. "I didn’t notice dear." Was my response.

He scoffed a short laugh. "You didn’t notice him checking you out while you were dancing?" My mind returned to the image of me and Tom dancing as Korbin laughed and watched us happily. "He was obviously very ‘into’ you." He raised his eyebrow and moved his head forward in a slightly threatening manner as he spoke.

I watched him, confusion building in my mind. "No. I didn’t notice. And I’m really sure he wasn’t ‘into’ me." I put emphasis on the word that he had put emphasis on. "Stop talking about this now, it’s not important." I wanted to navigate away from this topic urgently, before Korbin thought about it too much. Where was he getting this from? Everything was friendly. I didn’t even let Tom put his hands on my waist; we were cha-cha-ing side by side not behind one another. We must have looked more like two grandparents dancing foolishly rather than a sizzling Argentinean tango-ing couple.

Korbin scoffed again, "It’s funny how you don’t want to talk about it, right?"

I looked at his beautiful eyes, two pools of fresh sapphires. "What do you mean honey?" I tried to keep my tone light.

"You know exactly what I mean. He obviously fancied you, and then you danced with him!"

I was shocked at his statement. Was he seriously suggesting that I was trying to play on Tom’s feelings? What were Tom’s feelings? He had been friendly with me as far as I was concerned! Didn’t he have a fiance? He would never be looking at me in that way. I didn’t see him looking at me in any more than a friendly way!

My brain continued to defend itself, while Korbin stood there with a slight smirk on his face.

I rolled my eyes, "Korbin, darling..."

He cut me off, "You’re not even denying it. You should have seen yourself. You should have married Tom!" The smirk was gone and there was something new in his eyes.

My mouth stood slightly ajar. What was wrong with him? All of a sudden he was acting so... "Korbin, don’t be so childish!"

He pierced his lips together angrily as I went to the cabinet and grabbed two cups. I placed one of the cups on the counter and held the other in my hand. Looking at him, trying to lighten the mood up and ignore his stupidity, I asked. "Tea darling?"

One swift movement from Korbin and the cup flew out of my hand and smashed on the marble floor in little jagged pieces. I was crouching down on the floor, clutching the side of my face. My cheek burning and my heart seared...

After a moment of hesitation: "Oh baby, I’m so sorry!" Korbins arms wrapped around me as he sat on the floor behind me and pulled me between his legs and cradled me. "I’m so sorry baby girl I don’t know why I did... it..." His voice came out in light sulks as tears rose in my eyes. I gulped down some frantic sobs, afraid to make any noise.

He rubbed his fingers all over my body, while his arms pinned me to him. My knees to my chest and my hands hiding my face from him; I did not look at him. I couldn’t.

"Baby..." He continued to sob. "I’m sorry." He attempted to remove my hands from my face but failed miserably, which only lead to more sobs.

He kissed my neck, my shoulder, any part of me that he could find. Rubbing my waist, rubbing my hips, drawing me closer to him at all times.

After what seemed like hours, I began removing my hands.

"Baby look at me." He spoke softly, as he pulled my hands further away from my face gently.

I could not look at him, and thus he resorted to burying his face in my neck and whispering, "I’m so sorry baby girl. I just..." He shook his head. "I just can’t stand to see you with anybody else. I..." He sighed. "Baby won’t you look at me?"

I continued to avoid his stare.

"Oh baby!" He began sobbing again and placing wet kisses along my neck.

I felt sick. He had never laid a finger on me before. Not out of anger. And what was worse, I didn’t even do anything wrong. I suddenly felt the need to evacuate any area in which he was in.

"Baby..." I cut him off with my movements; I began wildly shaking myself from his grip, and frantically trying to get myself on my own two feet.

He grabbed and groped at any part of me that he could, but I did not give in.

"Baby!!" He called after me as I paced out of the kitchen and left him on the floor by himself. "I’m sorry!!" He yelled.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and began running up the stairs. "Baby girl! Come back. Please!" I could hear fear and pain in his voice.

"Please!" His voice began to break and my feet immediately stopped running, halfway up the stairs. I had never heard him call for me like that and half my heart wanted me to go back to him; forgive him immediately and hold him in my arms all night. But then I remembered the way the palm of his hand impacted the side of my face, so angrily, so evilly and so unfairly.

I continued to run, as Korbin’s cries became louder and louder, until eventually he was choking on his own tears.

I ran to one of our guest rooms, planning on staying there all night. I quickly shut the door behind me as soon as I entered the room and perched on the edge of the king size bed in the middle of the large room.

But then it dawned on me... He could come into this room; there was no lock on the door. I searched around the room desperately for objects to place in front of the door. Finally I resorted to placing the back of a chair under the handle, clamping it firmly in place. Once I was satisfied that the handle could not be turned, I resumed my place on the edge of the bed.

Suddenly realizing how breathless I was, I focused on easing the pressure on my heart and lungs, rather than listening to Korbin’s cries...

Sandra shook her head. "That’s what they all do." A few of the other girls around the table nodded in agreement. "They get angry for no fucking reason, and then they start crying like babies. And stupidly, we think... ’Oh, he must feel really bad’, so we accept it."

I nodded as well, whilst chewing on a carrot. "I was so confused that night, I didn’t know who he was anymore - and to be honest, I don’t think he understood who he was trying to be, either."

"You’re so smart ViVi." Gloria said sweetly while nudging my elbow. "I can’t believe he had the nerve to treat you like that! Look at her! Would you ever piss her off if she was your woman?" She searched around the lunch table for agreement and the other girls all giggled and nodded.

"She’s a fucking lawyer, with a million academic merits; of course he’s going to treat her like that." The girls looked at Sandra in confusion as she spoke. "Come on! He was jealous wasn’t he?!"

I gave some further input about my husband, "Actually, his father owned a large, wealthy company, and Korbin was thus destined to take over it when his father died. The last time I checked, his father was still alive and healthy. Korbin worked for his father; he mainly did the stressful work while his dad partied and canoodled with tall skinny model-like business women." I put some more carrot in my mouth, chewing thoughtfully. "In fact, it was an issue between them... an issue I became very familiar with."

The girls all ‘oooh-d’ and ‘aaaaah-d’ together while I smiled. After five months of being in HMP Bronzefield Prison, I was feeling much more at home, and was discovering every single day how much more in-tune I and the other inmates were, despite our crimes.

"Well, he didn’t earn his own wealth, it was given to him. You earned yours. How many degree’s do you have again Vi? Oh and you’ve done a PhD as well. You’re MUCH more accomplished than him." Sandra winked at me while the other girls cackled at this sudden truth.

I smiled at her. "Oh San, you really are too much sometimes."

We laughed together as the bell rang, indicating lunch was over.

As usual all the girls said goodbye, and me and Sandra waltzed back to our cell. Once we were locked inside it by the rather overly vicious guard outside, we took our usual spots on the bed.

"So, what happened after you locked yourself in the guest room?" San flashed a smirk at me; clearly she was expecting to hear the rest of the story.

I smiled back. "Well." I began by taking a deep breath in. "Some time went by and eventually I couldn’t hear his crying anymore..."

I had fluffed up the pillows on the bed and prepared to slumber for the night, when there was a knock at the guest room door. I immediately sat up in the bed and listened.

"Vi...?" It was Korbin outside.

After building up the courage to speak, I squeaked out: "What?!"

"Are you staying in there tonight?"

"Yes!" I spoke loudly and firmly.

I heard him sigh, "Baby, can’t we talk?"

I didn’t respond, meaning for it to be my answer. Silence followed and after what seemed like 10 minutes, I assumed he had given up and gone back to our bedroom to sleep. We both had work the next day.

Suddenly the door handle twitched, the chair toppled over with a thud, and the door hurtled open as Korbin swiftly entered the room.

To be continued...

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Published: 7/20/2012
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