Tarnished - Chapters 1 and 2

The story of a legal scholar with an endless amount of money and countless degrees and PhDs, whose contributions to the world of 'Law' couldn't save her from the wrath of her abusive husband.
Chapter 1

I couldn't breathe.

"All rise." Called a distant voice; my eyes glossed over and my legs straightened as I hesitantly stood.

"After much discussion and consideration of the evidence based upon which this case was brought forth." The speaker's voice drowned out.

There was white noise polluting my ears and my skull was on fire. There was agony inside my burning head, agony inside my pumping heart. It pumped faster, and faster... and faster still, as I listened to the speaker stating the facts of the case. Mouth dry, limbs weak, shadows started appearing over my already faded vision. The voice came back into focus.

"Upon considering these facts and beyond reasonable doubt, stated by the basic doctrine of 'mens rea', the jury will now declare that the defendant Doctor Viola Farrington...."

My heart pumped, my head thumped, my soul quenched itself as the seconds went by.

"Is guilty of attempted murder and is hereby called to serve the sentence of imprisonment for life."

My soul shriveled up, screaming. The noise in the courtroom rose higher and higher until the sound of my beating heart was no longer heard.

"By her Majesty the Queen's Honor, this court will now declare this case, closed." Spoke the judge.

Two hands were placed on each of my shoulders and forced my arms behind my back. Something sharp was being placed around my wrists, but I felt no pain. When a droplet of blood escaped my wrist, I felt no pain. When the hands, belonging to the security guards increased their force and brutally prompted my body to move out of the defendant box, I felt no pain. When I stumbled over chairs and hit my face on the desks with nothing to break my fall, I felt no pain.

My body was not my own. My wrists were not my own. The blood was not my own. This court case was not for me. That sentence was not for me. This was all a dream. This was not me. This was not happening to me. This would never happen to me. This could never happen... to me....

The 'Exit' door of the courtroom was opened and I was marched through it. Daylight hitting my eyes; I was confronted with a van. One of the security guards placed a blanket over my shoulders and a different security guard appeared and opened the back door of the van. More guards emerged, some carrying guns, some carrying see-through shields; surrounding me they were, as if I were a nuclear bomb that would explode at the touch.

"Get in." One of the security guards said to me. My body would not allow me to respond. He appeared still. "I said get in, didn't I?!" He kicked my shin.

Something black was placed over my head while one security guard grabbed my head; another pushed my lower back, forcing me into the back of the van. I landed face down on the base of it, my wrists dug into the sharp object that tied them together as I struggled to sit upright. I could see daylight seeping through the black material surrounding my head.

"She's in there." One voice.

"Marshal, we're ready." Another voice.

"Close the door." A third voice.

"Bitch." Another scoffed.

I heard a creak and the van door was shut, the sound of it shutting echoing through my bones. I was left there in blackness, with wetness surrounding my wrists. I heard the front doors of the van opening and closing and the engine started abruptly with a deep rumble. I couldn't hear anything but the engine.

I felt the van begin to drive; the speed increased and I could hear the gear changes in the noise of the engine. One sharp swerve and I throttled into the side of the van. My body stiff with the lack of arm movement, I was unable to move.

Was I upside down? Was my head bleeding? Was I being transported to... to... it... already? Was this even... me?

Another sharp swerve and my body lurched into the other side of the van. I could feel wetness around my neck.

And yet I felt no pain.


Chapter 2

Dr Viola Farrington finds that she has been transported to a prison. A prison in which she has been sentenced to stay in, for life.


"I'm going to love you forever, you know that don't you? I promise you, I will." Korbin flashed me a ravishing smile, swaying me gently to the soft jazz in the background.

"I know... trust me, I know." I said, smiling at him. "And I'm going to love you, until the day I die."

He looked down, chuckling. "Aww, shucks."

I laughed at his cute reaction, seeing color appear on his cheeks. I leaned my head closer to his and planted a soft, but lingering kiss on his cheek. His sapphire eyes immediately pounced up to meet mine once again.

"You can't kiss me like that in public, especially not on our first wedding dance. Everyone's watching." He whispered, moving his mouth close to my ear. That kiss always pushed him slightly over the edge, that's why I loved doing it.

I giggled as he laid sensual smooches on my jawline. "Korbin, at least try to make it look like we're whispering 'sweet nothings' into each other's ears and not just kissing each other." I murmured softly, tilting my head, revealing more of my jawline to his lips. "That is what everyone expects of the bride and groom on their wedding day, after all." I teased him, subtly.

He moved one of his hands up from my waist and placed a single finger delicately on my lips, "Hush, now my baby." His sapphires reflected the millions of candles in the large hall that had been beautifully decorated for our reception, mixing yellows and ambers in with his already perfect blues. "I love you, Viola." He whispered, his face turning sultry.

I looked at him squarely in the face, wanting to know what had caused his change of expression. I kissed the corners of his mouth, wanting his lips to reclaim mine. I wanted to show him how much I loved him; I wanted him to feel it. He sighed, closing his eyes. "I love you so much, my babygirl."

It was barely a whisper, and it was only meant for my ears. I wanted him to show me and make me feel how much he loved me. His lips passionately gained ownership of mine and we both immersed ourselves fully into warm and exhilarating kiss.

I tried to snuggle closer to him.

"Get up."

But I was losing focus.

"Get up, bitch!"

Korbin disappeared and my eyelids fluttered open. I could see daylight seeping through the black material around my head again.

"Oh okay, you wanna play dead now? Okay sure. You asked for it." Several hands pulled and gripped on my limbs, I was lifted and dumped on what felt like cold wet ground.

"Get up ya fuckin' imbecile. Don't make me ask you again!" The same voice as before yelled at me.

I did everything in my power to stand up, my legs were numb and thus everything I did was delayed by a few seconds at least.

"That's it; now stand up on your own two fuckin' feet ya cow!" He scoffed. I heard some snickering and scowling, mainly male voices.

"Marshal." A deep, ladies voice.

"Here's ya new arrival!" He exclaimed.

"What did you do to her? She's a mess!" The lady asked, in disbelief. I heard more male snickering.

"Let's just say, our men had some fun, shall we? Hey men? How about it?" Marshal asked his men, who collectively roared in laughter. "Yeah; right nut job ya got here Willow." Marshal joined in the howls of laughter.

"Enough!" Willow spoke and there was silence. "I don't want to know what you've done to this one, thanks." Marshal snickered to himself as she said, "Come on, it's late and it will soon rain, let's get her inside before she catches something."

"Yeah, then yer'll av' a medical job as well as a nut job!" Marshal bellowed and the men once again broke out into harsh laughter.

"Enough! Get her inside now!" The lady yelled over their laughter.

My arms were tugged at, and my wrists once again dug into the sharp handcuffs behind my back as I was pulled along. The black material was still blocking my vision, causing me to stumble and trip even on what felt like flat land.

"Come on, bring her in." Willow's voice commanded again.

I felt the air change, "Okay, you can leave her with me now."

"Aww, but I'm gonna' miss this one!" Marshal's voice came nearer and I felt hot breath on my cheek. "Yer a right stunner you know, especially when you're unconscious." I felt a slobbering kiss followed by a lick near my collarbone. "If ya ever get lonely in there; just ask for Marshal!" His lips were next to my ear, and I heard the roars of laughter from the men once more. "She tastes good don't she?!" He bellowed to his men.

"Thank you gentlemen that will be all. Please leave now." I heard the deep voice of Willow once again and could sense the men and Marshall all leaving. Their sneers and laughter was becoming distant as Willow sighed: "Who in the blazes gave those idiots a job?" She was silent for a moment or two, and then she yelled, "Margaret! Where are you Margaret?" Someone grabbed my arm and started walking gently with me. "Oh for heaven's sake! Where is she? Louise have you seen Margaret?"

"She's coming down now; there was some drama in B1 she had to sort out, Ma'am." I assumed this was Louise's voice.

"Ah, well that explains it!" Willow's voice again. "Margaret get down here now. The new one is here."

"Coming Ma'am." I assumed this was Margaret.

"Take two of the wardens from C block and take this one up to her cell, will you?" Willow ordered; her voice firm and stable.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Oh and try not to wake the other girls, its 1:00 am for heaven's sake! You would have thought the county council would have brought her here at a decent hour wouldn't you? But no. Why would they? None of them can bleeding well do their jobs I tell you. None of them!" Willow complained in exasperation.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Oh go on then Margaret, take her to her cell! What are you waiting for?" Willow exclaimed, clapping her hands twice. "Wardens?! Come hither, you need to escort this one to her cell with Margaret." She called.

I heard footsteps and two hands were placed around my shoulders, one on each side. "Come along now." I heard Louise utter quietly to me.

I began walking, unable to view my surroundings but I felt dampness and harsh coldness wherever I was made to walk. I heard buttons being pressed and could sense that I was in an elevator; my stomach lurched as it began traversing many floors.

After what seemed like 10 minutes in the elevator, I heard the doors open, and I was nudged to start walking again.

"Okay, stop here." Louise spoke quietly. I heard keys rattling and clanking.

"This is a fancy cell? I thought she was a nut job?" I heard a man's voice.

"Apparently she is entitled to a private cell with her own bathroom commodities because she served the Law itself for 8 years." Louise whispered.

"Is she even awake? Look at her? She can't even stand up properly. She's shaking like a bloody leaf." Another man's voice.

I heard a key being inserted into some metal, and I heard something made of metal being heaved, and then another door sounded as if it was being opened. The black material around my head was lifted and my handcuffs were unlocked and taken away from me. I did not move my arms. I was staring at a gray room, with a single bed, a toilet, a sink and a shower all inside it.

"Go in now." Louise whispered to me.

I couldn't move.

"Come on, don't stand out here all night, do you want some sleep or not? Go in!" She hissed at me, desperation in her voice.

Everything was numb.

"Warden?" Louise whispered, and I was shoved forwards into the room. I landed on the dusty, rock hard bed and before I even gathered myself, the lights were turned off, and the wooden door and the metal gate had been shut and locked. I heard one of the men saying while keys were rattling, locking the metal gate; "It's hard to believe that girl could try to kill anyone! Look at the size of her... what is this world coming to?"

"And it's even harder to believe she was a blooming' lawyer herself!" The other man said.

I heard footsteps as they walked away from my cell door and heard the elevator doors open and close again.

I lay there, slumped on the damp bed, in pitch black. I felt stickiness around my neck from where Marshal's tongue had been. I felt crustiness around my wrists and forehead. My hair was filled with sweat and a general odor was surrounding me.

I lay there, alone, with not a soul in the world. Not knowing where I was. Not knowing how high up in the sky or deep in the ground I was. Not knowing how far from home I was. Not knowing where my personal belongings were. Not knowing where the person, who said he would love me forever, was.
Published: 5/10/2012
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