Tarnished - Chapters 27 and 28

Viola desperately wants her voice to be heard while Korbin desperately wants her to become subservient to his plans and treachery.
Chapter 27

What was I going to do? Who would I call? My brother? Oh what could he do to help?! He was miles away!

My mother? She would stress out and she didn’t even have a driver’s license!

Korbin’s father? No. He wasn’t even an option. I didn’t trust him. He created the mess that was Korbin; I could never trust the person responsible for his birth.

My heart raced as I thought of whom to call... Then it hit me! I’d call work!

I shuffled my bottom along the bed, to try to get my feet closer to the phone. Using toe skills that I never knew I had, before I managed to bring the phone closer. I began pressing the number buttons... 07...4. SHIT! Wrong button! I had to maneuver my little toe to press the backspace button as it was the only toe small enough to fit on the button. I started again, 07...5...1...

Soon I buttoned the whole number in there and just as I pressed the green button which meant ‘call’, I saw his silver car drive back over the wooden bridge at the speed of lightning. My heart sank... Had he realized..?

It started ringing... My heart pounded as I urged for someone to pick up... Anyone... Please... I heard doors opening and closing and soon Korbin thundered through the double doors. He stopped abruptly when somebody answered the call.

"Hello, Farrington and Co., Legal executives, how may I help?" My receptionist!

I tried to kick the phone out of his reach as he lurched forward to grab it, but he was too quick, yet again. He held it up to his ear.

"Hello, it’s just me, Viola’s husband." He put on a fake friendly voice.

"HELP! HELP!" I bellowed, but he covered my mouth violently with his hand and continued.

"I’m sorry! I pressed the wrong number, sorry!" He quickly hung up the phone and threw it against the wall. He pointed his finger at me, anger piling up in his face. "I told you already, not to make trouble!"

"I’m not making trouble! You’re the one who started all this trouble!" I yelled back.

"Don’t talk back to me like that!"

"I’m saying the truth!" I cried. "If you hadn’t brought me here and done all this to me, I wouldn’t be like this!"

"If that bitch hadn’t come and lived in our house, and married my dad, I wouldn’t have brought you here!"

"But your father started it! He was the one who proposed to her!"

He shook his head. "My father got married to her because he was deceived. He’s a lonely old fool, and that slut took advantage of him!"

"In that case it’s all your fault!" I roared. "If you had given your father more love and kindness, maybe he wouldn’t have had to go outside the family to find it! He re-married because of you! You’re his only son! But you never knew how to be a son; because you don’t know how to love! You pushed your father to do what he did! So all of this is your own fault! You’re the cause! Everyone has been suffering because of you!"

He outstretched his hands and with a handful of pushes he throttled me back down on the bed. "Stop it! Stop shouting!!!" He turned around and took a few steps away from me.

"I won’t!" I continued to shout, although my crying weakened the strength of my voice as it broke. "Until you take me home!"

"Who do you think you are?!" He spoke accusingly. "You have no right to start bargaining with me!"

"I’m human! The same as you!" I cried. "I’m not even your wife anymore! I have no need to save your feelings! I can say what I like!"

"Don’t bring yourself up onto the same level as me!" He yelled.

"Yes, you’re right! I’m higher than you! You’re just a selfish man abusing a woman who is weaker than you! We’re not on the same level at all!"

"Stop it!" He cried, his face creased up as my words attacked him.

"I will not stop! I’ll speak! If you tie me up like this and hurt me, I won’t stop!"

"I said, stop it! Are you sure you want to keep speaking? Are you sure you want to disobey me?" His eyes narrowed in anger and he pointed at me daringly.

"Yes! I’m not your slave!" I cried at the top of my lungs.

His chest was moving up and down fast. He was so wound up; he could barely steady his face. "Okay. You want to get out of here right?" He lunged for me and pulled me to the edge of the bed by my legs. He began untying me savagely. "I’ll take you out of here!" I began resisting him but he tossed me around as if I were a feather.

"No! Get off!" I screamed as he wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me over his shoulder. I tried kicking him and punching him in the process, but my weight was nothing for him and he found it easy to run, even with me on his shoulder.

He ran with me all the way to the shore... He walked into the water so it was now up to his calves. The sun was setting now and the water had a gloomy affect.

"What are you doing?!" I yelled.

He lifted me off his shoulder and dropped me into the water.

"Why did you throw me in here?!" I asked, suddenly becoming aware of how angry and vengeful I had made him. "Look, I’m all wet now!"

"You seem to enjoy offending me... So I’m going to do everything that offends you." He smirked as he reached for my arm and yanked me along with him as he walked further into the water.

"Korbin!" I shouted as the water rose up to our waists. I grew nervous as the salty stench rose to my nostrils. His grip on my arm tightened, and he began squeezing it so hard that I could feel my hand going numb. "I’m hurt! Let go! It hurts! I’m not a good swimmer, you know that! Take me back now!"

He put on an oblivious expression and began his fake little game. "Oh, what? You’re NOT a good swimmer? You DON’T want to go swim in the water? Okay then. Go!" He yanked me along some more and this time the water traveled up and over my head, drowning me momentarily. Then he pulled me back up to face him.

Choking, I blurted out. "Stop it! I want to go back!"

"You want to go back? Okay. Soon we will. Hmm. What else do you want? Tell me!" He faked an over enthusiastic grin at me.

"Get off me!" I yelled.

"You want me to get off? Okay." He let go of my arm and moved both of his hands around my waist, forcing my body to his.

"Get off me, you moron!" I urged, grabbing his collar and shoulders, trying to push him away... But it was almost as if our bodies were glued to each other, his grip was so strong. "Get off me, Korbin! Get off!!"

All the while I was begging him; he was staring down at me looking happier than he had been for a long time. Happy that I was suffering... Happy that his game was working.

After a moment or two I stopped talking and stared back at him.

"Do you still want me to get off?" He asked, enthusiastically again. "Okay!" With that he was kissing and licking my neck like a hungry dog. Our bodies slammed together as he worked his hands on my back and attacked my face and neck with his mouth.

"No! NO!" I began screaming impulsively. "Stop! STOP!"

He pulled away laughing. "What? You want me to stop?" He laughed even harder, as if every second of this was amazing for him. "Okay!"

He resumed his attack on my neck just as I grabbed his shoulders and yelled. "No! NO! Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop!"

He hesitantly stopped... Listening to the awful words I had to speak in order to save my body from more torture.

"If you want to lock me up or tie me up, you can do it! You can do anything you want! You can do it... Just please..." I trailed off in embarrassment at the level he had brought me to.

He stared at me, smirking for a moment, and then he dropped me back into the water. "Next time; will you continue to do what I tell you not to do?! Remember... A pathetic girl like you won’t ever win over me." He gave me a dirty look and began walking back through the water to the shore.

The silent crying began for me... Suddenly all the sadness and tension... And anger... And betrayal overwhelmed me... The emotions just took hold of me... I began to shake as violent tears took over. I rubbed my eyes and began walking back through the water, following him.

I could have tried to run away... I could have tried to drown myself... But what was the point? He would just catch me or resuscitate me... I would never truly be free...

Eventually he got tired of waiting for me to catch up with him as we walked back up the shore to the villa, and he grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him. I cried the whole way.

When we reached the villa again, he marched me straight over to the shower. "Hurry the fuck up and shower! I’m hungry!" He growled, walking back out of the bathroom.

I let my tears take control of me... I wouldn’t have been able to turn the water on, even if I wanted to... My hands were busy wiping my face.

"What are you doing?" He asked, restlessly pacing back into the bathroom.

"I’m about to start showering!" I murmured, weakly. "Why did you come back in?!"

"I couldn’t hear anything so I got worried that you were trying something funny. Now hurry up!" He repeated. "Take your clothes off... Or do I need to help you?!"

I shook my head desperately as his hands reached out to me. He held the shirt I was wearing at the collars and ripped it open... Making all the buttons snap off and sprinkle onto the floor. He then began yanking it off my shoulders, forcing my arms out of it.

"You're crazy! Get off! I can do it myself!" I screamed as he moved his attention to my shorts.

He smirked again, and walked back out of the room.

My crying resumed... But this time... I turned the water on first.


Chapter 28

Korbin is forced to take Viola with him to a restaurant... Viola sees a light at the end of the tunnel.


We had both showered again. He had dressed up in a pair of fresh jeans and a new white shirt and white vest, while he had given me one of his blue shirts, as well as another pair of my shorts. I still had no idea where he had gotten them from.

He was carrying me in his arms out of the villa; I obviously couldn’t walk because he had tied my hands and feet up again. It was evening now... What a long day.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked, trying to keep my voice on a normal level in case he got annoyed and tried to kiss me or something. Could he be taking me home?

"I haven’t eaten anything all day because of you." He opened the passenger side door of his car. "So now, since you can’t sit quietly and not make trouble here while I go out and get us some food; you’ll have to come with me to a restaurant."

"Do you want me to go like this?!" I asked, panicked. My eyes glimpsed over my tied hands and feet.

There was no concern on his face. "Yes." With that, he dropped me into the seat and buckled my seat belt for me.

He then walked around the car and got into the driver’s seat. Soon we were on our way. I had no idea of where we were driving to...

That’s why I was surprised when we pulled up to a fancy restaurant. It had its own pier and there were candlelit tables all along it. It was quiet, with very little people about. All you could hear was some classical music in the background and the sound of the sea waves.

He stopped the engine once we were parked, and got out of the car. He walked over to my door and opened it.

"Now; if you try anything when we’re in there, I’ll bring you back here, drive us somewhere quiet and take you in my car." His eyes flashed, his voice was extra cold because he was hungry... He had always been grouchy when he was hungry. "Do you understand?"

I looked down at my feet, and didn’t look up at all while he spoke. I simply nodded, like a naughty child being scolded.

He untied me briskly and undid my seat belt; then looked back at me. "Get out."

I didn’t move, I continued to look at my feet. I really didn’t want to leave the car; maybe he could go in and eat by himself.

He leaned down; looking around first to make sure no one could hear him. "Why are you sullen now? What did I just tell you? You’re already testing me and we’re not even inside the fucking restaurant yet?"

I continued to ignore him.

He reached out and grabbed my chin, yanking my face up to look at him. "What’s with you?"

I sighed. "I’m tired... I don’t see the point in me going in there... You’ll just be mean to me again..." I swallowed; my throat was dry. "Look at the bruises on my arms... On my legs... What are people going to say?"

"Right now Vi, I don’t care about what other people will say... Because these bruises and cuts symbolize everything that I am to you." He leaned his face close to mine.

"They symbolize the hatred you have for me?" My voice wobbled. "You don’t care about what others think or what I think... You don’t care about what you’ve done to me... You don’t care about me at all, do you?"

"Right." He nodded, raising an eyebrow. "Because you’re just the same as everybody else."

I looked at him, the coldness in his expression, the way his lips spoke so harshly... I stared down at my feet again as my eyes began watering. A single tear gently slid down my cheek.

"Oh come on! Can’t you hold your tears back for now? I’m hungry!" He said holding onto my arm and pulling me out of the car dramatically.

I stumbled out and after regaining my balance, I stood there while he closed the door and locked the car. He then began walking off towards the restaurant, but abruptly stopped, and turned to look at me expectantly.

"Come on!" He urged.

I wiped my tears and grudgingly followed him.

Korbin walked straight for one of the tables on the pier... A table with two chairs, a candle and jar roses in the middle. He pulled out a seat and then looked at me, waiting for me to sit on it.

I walked over and sat down as slowly as possible; maybe it was time for his hungry ass to suffer. The minute I sat down he slammed the chair in forcefully; tucking me in so much that it was difficult to breathe. He then calmly pulled the chair out a bit and walked over to the other chair and sat down.

"You didn’t need to help me sit down, you psycho." I rolled my eyes at him as he picked up the menu and moved his eyes over it.

"I’m not all bad you know." He muttered.

A waiter suddenly appeared and took the notepad and pen from the pot in the middle of our table. I eyed it up...

"Are we ready to order?" The waiter asked, flipping the notebook open.
Korbin spoke politely. "Could I have the vegetable and chicken ratatouille, with a side order of chips, if you please?" He then looked at me. "What else?"

I looked at him grudgingly. "I’ll have anything."

"Then today’s special soup with dumplings as well, please." He added.

The waiter nodded profusely and collected the menu from Korbin’s hand. He then tore off the page he had been writing on and placed the notebook and pen back in the pot on our table... I eyed it up once again, eagerness growing within me as the waiter walked back towards the main indoor part of the restaurant, behind Korbin.

Korbin looked at me suddenly. "What do you want to drink?"

"Water." I quickly blurted out.

Korbin then turned his head to face behind him, and called for the waiter while I took my chance and grabbed the pen and notebook at the speed of lightning. I quickly placed it on my lap, where Korbin wouldn’t be able to see it... Luckily there was a tablecloth on the table so that would conceal it even more. "One glass of water and a beer as well please!" He called to the waiter who nodded in reply and then disappeared in the kitchen.

He turned his head back around to face me and watched me for a second. "What’s the matter?" He asked, a crease appearing in-between his eyebrows as he observed my unusually still and frozen posture.

I tried to act normal. "I’m fine. Get off my back." I spoke coldly.

He widened his eyes. "I’m the one paying for this dinner, you better be nicer to me."

"I didn’t ask you to bring me along, did I?" I sneered at him.

He began looking around, his eyes moving like bullets. Eventually he fixed them on the sea next to us... He began staring into it thoughtfully...

I took it as my chance to think of the pen and paper in my hands. What could I do with it? Then it hit me. I could write a message on it... and hand it to one of the waiters... If I ever got the opportunity to... It was worth a shot!

I began writing the words down slowly... I kept my arms still so it wouldn’t be obvious that I was writing something. I looked up quickly to see if Korbin was still distracted by the sea. My heart leapt as our eyes met...

He was already staring at me... Watching me... Did he know that I was doing something? Could he tell? My face muscles had a hard time not giving everything away. Now I really did feel like a naughty child.

I stared into his eyes... He didn’t blink, and yet his eyes weren’t completely solid or cold... They looked soft... They looked delicate... They were different to what they were last night... I wasn’t so intimidated by them... He continued to stare at me.

"Have you had a haircut recently?" He asked, thoughtfully.

I blinked, surprised by his question. "N... No..."

He shrugged slightly. "Oh... I guess... It’s just me..." The softness dropped as he trailed off, and I could almost see him bring on the cocky and bigheaded expression again. He moved his eyes off of me and back onto the sea.

I breathed a sigh of relief... At least I could finish writing.

Soon our food arrived and Korbin stuffed his face eagerly. I ate fast too. I wanted dinner to be over so I could get an opportunity to hand the waiter my paper...

Korbin was chewing on some chicken when he looked at me again. "What’s wrong with you?"

I sipped some water. "Nothing."

"Why are you just eating and not making trouble?" His face was covered in curiosity, as if he really couldn’t believe how well I was behaving. "I thought you’d be refusing to eat or something at least."

I shrugged, pretending I didn’t know what he was talking about. "I’m hungry; and when I’m hungry, I just eat." I lied. "You should know that by now."

He wasn’t satisfied with my answer; I could see it in his face.

He eventually reached the last few bites of his food and then stopped to drink some beer. I picked up a napkin from the table and pretended to wipe my mouth with it. Then I acted as if I were holding it in my hands on my lap; when really, I was wrapping my paper in it... Concealing its contents. So even if Korbin did see what was in my hand he wouldn’t know what was on it.

I looked back at Korbin. "I’m full now, can we go?"

He was already looking at me, and he didn’t object to my question. He called the nearest waiter and asked him for the bill. The waiter then disappeared to get it.

I moved my hands to my sides and hid them underneath my thighs as we waited for the bill. Korbin noticed me fidgeting.

"Are you alright?" He asked, concerned again.

"I’m fine." I said confidently.

Soon the bill arrived, along with the waiter from earlier. Korbin placed the money on the little tray, stating, "Keep the change."

The waiter thanked us profusely as me and Korbin both stood up and made our way. The waiter began clearing the dishes on our table. Korbin began walking off quickly, much to my pleasure. I walked slowly behind him, and quickly took my chance.

I spun back around and grabbed the waiter’s hand and placed the napkin covered paper in it. The waiter looked confused and horrified as I spoke.

"Please help me!" I whispered. Then I turned around and took a step forward, at which point Korbin turned around to check up on me.

He stopped in his tracks. I half thought he had seen what I had done, but he just stood there, eying up the waiter and me.

He held his hand out for me, possessively... As if we were an actual couple... Inside I was shocked at this action; I had grown used to him just simply grabbing my arm. I took his hand gently and he wrapped his long fingers around mine, and then turned back around and walked me slowly out of the pier, to the parking lot.

When we reached the car, he unlocked it and opened the passenger door, holding my hand as I got inside willingly. Soon enough I’d be getting help anyway... I didn’t even care when he tied my hands and feet up again.

He closed the door and sighed. "I’m going to go to the restaurant's bathroom, wait here." He began walking away, to my horror.

"Wait! No!" I called him back. "I need to go too! Can’t you hold it? We’ll go back at the villa!" I begged him.

He looked at me as if I were weird. "No, I can’t hold it!" With that... He walked quickly back into the restaurant...
Published: 9/18/2012
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