Tears Rain Down from the Sky

God, the pain and sorrow of eternal suffering after the love of your life falls into Death's corroding abyss...
Yet another day has gone by
and I still cannot feel any love;
I continue to kneel down and cry
as rain falls from the clouds above.

The person that I held so close to my heart,
the name that I whispered in every breath,
has followed the path that only parts
towards the eternal black Gates of Death.

Oh, the pain consumes my very being;
my shattered heart hurts so much
that nothing is able to stop the bleeding,
and happiness becomes out of touch.

Immortal loneliness infects my soul
because of that Reaper's single kiss,
collecting the tax of his corrosive toll,
leaving nothing except a dark abyss.

If you were to look within my eyes
there is only one thing that you would see:
the fading humanity that slowly dies
as emptiness begins to consume me.

Her death is causing so much pain
I don't think I can take it anymore.
The darkness inside is driving me insane;
Help me before I fall onto the floor!

God, cut out my eyes so I cannot see!
Please sew my lips shut so I cannot yell,
knowing Death has taken her away from me,
trapping me within this burning hell.

My soul within can only cry
as tears rain down from the sky...
Published: 1/14/2009
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