Tears That Stain My Eyes

When pride's vanity gives way to sorrow.
Forgive me, I didn't mean to hurt you,
I didn't mean to make you cry at all,
I'm sorry I was being foolish,
The sayings true, pride comes before a fall.
My vanity, I was lost in its illusion,
That crawling back to you would never be,
But here I am crying like a baby,
Crawling to you on my hands and knees.

I miss you like a desert misses water,
I'm all washed out, dried up in the sun,
I'm burning in the toxic wastes of nothing,
I feel so lost without you now you're gone,
I'm fearful of a future life without you,
The thought of that just makes me want to die,
I'm crying 'cause I'm so afraid of dying,
Confusion seems to be the only rule applied.

Fermenting in a state of agitation,
The emotional disturbance that I feel,
It's crippling, it's so hard to move forward,
When my memories propel a backward wheel,
I'm crawling through the pages of a novel,
The tragedy of a diary wrote by fate,
It's tear-stained, it's hard to read the writing,
When the ink flows like the tears upon my face.

Assumptions that you'd fill an obligation
Couldn't be much further from the truth,
I pushed you, but I pushed to hard this time,
I guess you've had enough of my abuse,
I promise that I will change if you will let me
Crawl my way back into your life,
Please allow me this last chance of redemption,
To prove myself beyond the sands of time.

I'm stagnant in the stinking stench of failure,
I've lost everything I had that I held dear,
I'm standing in a perpetual world of silence,
Frozen in the ice of my blank stare,
Seeing shadows pass before me, so disturbing,
They bring the fear of loneliness to mind,
I know now life's no longer worth living,
In the silence of the tears that stain my eyes.
Published: 5/26/2011
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