Technical Writer's Document

Through this poem, I tried to portray the hectic life of Technical Writer in a comic way. Note: A technical writer is a professional writer who designs, creates, and maintains technical documentation. (definition from Wikipedia)
I started calling my life 'document'
No matter which, user guide or online help
This document is full of review cycles
And vexed by the point of views
So I make it all-inclusive

I follow my own style guide
To author my unstructured life
I make a bulleted list of trivial things
And ask my spouse to summarize his points

I force others to use minimal words
And to be to the point
I put the numbered list in the grocery shop
And add the checkbox for the warp

While speaking to children I become context sensitive and
Only talk about their studies keeping exams in context
No matter how boring is their Math's' text

Sometimes I think managing inbox is easier
Than managing home
At least I can dump the unwanted things

In the office, I play Tom and Jerry with the editor
Where editor is Jerry to always win the game
Leaving me wondered in his terrain
How can I do such silly mistake again?

In my refrigerator there is no frozen content
Unless client wants to freeze it
Take unending client calls
And then leave it

I am afraid of FrameMaker,
For me it's frown maker
I talk about DITA, Robohelp, Camtasia, Captivate, and SnagIt
As, for developers they make no sense
And leave me in solace

Parallelism and serial comma
Just to be proud and keep aside the dogma
"Never underestimate a writer", I yell at the developer
His question mark states that
It's me to be blamed for feeling inferior

In uncountable scrums and project meetings
I think positive and I keep smiling
Hoping to understand something someday
And develop the document array

So what makes this document interesting?
On a client call late at night
Client gives his good remark in a minute
I fly high in the sky
All set to face the harsh reviews and
Suggestions to apply

Once developer said, "writers are not required"
I felt so bad that I didn't turn up
Next day he called up
Some updates to sync up
I stretched the point from user perspective to writer's significance
Now I get the much awaited respect
There are some awards in my basket

Oh! What am I doing frantically?
Just writing a poem technically......
Published: 4/7/2011
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