Teen Poetry

Oh, the innumerable emotions that grip us every second when teenage and adolescence descend upon us! These poems are about those days when not a single second passes without thrusting us into emotional drama of some kind, be it internal or external.
If I Had a Dime
I'm short-tempered and I do have many flaws, but without them, I wouldn't be where I am today.
We Take Things for Granted
Just a little something.
Halls of Wonder
This is my first poem. I am only 12 years old, and I hope you guys enjoy. This poem is something I feel everyday when I walk through the halls of my school.
Witty Wars
Scenario in an examination hall.
Dear Crush...
Just a little poem from the heart.
School is Here
A little something I wrote.
The Normal Teenager
What is normal?
What we all think turning sixteen means but what it really is.
Teenage Angst
The heart of the rebellious teen...
What You Are Missing
About growing up to fast...
Baby- Did you Lie?
Our Relationship- "Kurt" and I in my teenage Years.
Jealous of Our Love
When we were fourteen...
When I Lost You
Losing my seventeen year old son in 2003…