Tell Me Again

A question to our glorious government.
Tell me again, why did he have to die?
Tell me again about his roll in the war,
Tell me once more about his welcome home,
Explain to me please, why he died alone,
Huddled in the shelter of a cold park floor?

Tell me again what this war is about?
Do we fight for freedom or to impose our law?
If we fight for our nation, why don't you see fit,
To give us a chance, not a tin on the tit,
Medals buy little in our disparate flaw.

No heroes welcome is ever made for us,
No salutes, no thanks, no parades for us,
No contributions from the welfare state,
Being reliant on charity is our best bet.

Tell me again that you're proud of my deeds,
Shake my hand, pat my back. Patronize me!
Then send me off home for cuppa with mum,
Before you cut her pension, you reprobate scum!
And to think that I fought to keep c*nts like you free!!
Published: 3/6/2019
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