Temperate Spring

Welcome dear welcome.......
The bright blue sky drove "blues" away.
The heart began to sing and sway.
Positivity in the air was playing the game.
To be morose or sad could have been a shame.

There was not a sign of even a single cloud.
Presence of vibrancy and vivacity was indeed loud.
The dampened depression could do nothing but wriggle.
Watching this, the cherubic weather started to giggle.

The season’s best behavior was at its highest peak.
Between winter and summer was this splendid "hammock"!
Every mouth’s frequent utterance was "wow"!
There was immense sweetness in the pet’s "bow bow"!

There was no sign of irritability or wild temper.
This transition bracket of the season did really pamper!!!
Neither very hot nor spine chilling cold, she was moderate.
This nature of hers makes her the hot favorite!!!!
Published: 9/24/2010
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