A decision of whimsy to be here again.
I am temporary,
I leave as a memory in a landscape that stays,
And float into the breeze as the grass whispers my name,
A ghost that doesn't haunt a single plane,
Footsteps washed away in the tide.

I am momentary,
A blink of an eye into a clear blue sky,
The dot in your vision as you look away,
The thought of something that made you laugh,
The smirk as you try not to again.

I am fragmentary,
Pieces of colored stone placed together,
Mosaic of memories and fears and joys,
Stained glass strung together,
See how the light shines through.

I am arbitrary,
Decisions made and dropped by whimsy,
Aloof to my own wants and desires,
Why am I here again?
It seemed like a way to pass the time.

I am temporary.
A memory of a breeze that whispers to the ghost that doesn't haunt your footsteps.
I am momentary.
A clear blue sky that you look away from at the thought of something that made you smirk.
I am fragmentary.
A colored stone mosaic strung together for the light to shine through.
I am arbitrary.
A decision of whimsy to desire to be here again.
If only to pass the time.
Published: 9/18/2019
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