Terra - Prologue and Part 1

A precious baby girl is born.

An absolutely beautiful woman lay on a bed, her legs spread as far as possible and her breathing heavy as she labored. Only Maids and Priestesses were allowed inside this special bedroom, which was actually a special birthing chamber created by and for the Queen Goddess and her special child.

The Priestesses hung back from the bed in their green robes and watched as their Queen pushed and pained in child labor. Two maids and only the two maids in whom the Queen trusted the most, were the ones who assisted the mother and helped with the birthing of a precious baby girl.

Finally, after an hour, the Queen pushed with all her might and at the same time rose from the bed to a sitting position. She rose just in time. As she pushed, the baby came forth, squirming and crying from within her.

The women in the birthing chamber stared at amazement at the newborn. She was absolutely gorgeous, not only physically, but on the inside as well. The child had a very special and rare aura around her. The Priestesses could already tell the child had a beautiful heart, just like the Queen.

One of the trusted maids, her name Eliah, came forward with white towels. With Eliah’s and the other maid’s help, the child was cleaned and the umbilical cord cut. Once the child was tended to, the Queen called for the head Priestess named Celia to step forward.

Celia, her hair black and her eyes green, stepped to the side of the bed and bowed in love and respect of the Queen and the newborn Princess. "Celia dear," the Queen spoke in her silky voice, "Hold her while I excrete my afterbirth." Celia nodded, rose, and took the newborn in her arms without hesitation. The Queen smiled and then began to work at pushing out all her after birth with the help of the maids.

Celia looked down at the baby girl and smiled at her. The little one with her hazel eyes was now quietly looking around and she looked up at Celia. Their eyes met and Celia felt instant love toward the child, just like she felt unconditional love for the Queen Goddess. The baby girl looked at Celia in wonder and Celia kissed her on the forehead.

The Queen finished pushing out her afterbirth and instructed the two maids, "Take it and burn it." The two maids nodded and left with the parts in a bowl. After the maids left, the Queen motioned for her priestesses to come over to the bed.

The Queen smiled and lay back against the pillows. She then asked softly, "Two of you, please bring me my robe." Without hesitation, two of the priestesses got the Queen a robe made of silk. They even helped dress the Queen without her asking. All of them could tell the Queen was tired, but happy.

She then looked to the little one. Now came the most important part of the birthing of the Princess: would the princess choose to love and serve the Queen? Regardless of what decision or what events were about to take place, the Queen smiled and motioned for Celia to bring her the little one.

Celia did so, but with a heavy heart. No one knew what the princess would decide, but they all knew her decision would have consequences.

"Hello, little one." The Queen said to the baby girl with hazel eyes. The little girl stared at the Queen with those big eyes in respect and awe. "You are a very beautiful and special baby, little one. Even though you are a babe, I know you can understand the heart of my words. You will grow and you will be very powerful. My question to you is, will you choose to serve and love me with all your heart or will you choose not to serve me and to hate me?"

The room fell silent. Celia bit her bottom lip and hoped in her heart the child would choose the right choice. Celia did not want a repeat of thousands of years ago...

The maids had returned and they too waited silently with the priestesses. The baby blinked her eyes at the Queen and remained silent, unable to speak because she was still a babe but she understood her mother’s words.

"If you choose to be my child, drink my milk. If your choice is to be a child of darkness, then refuse my milk. It is that simple." The Queen drew the babe to her breast and a pin drop could be heard in the birth chamber. The baby girl, without taking her eyes off the Queen, opened her mouth and welcomed the Queen’s nipple inside. She then closed her eyes and suckled.

The room erupted in cheers and happiness from the priestesses. However, behind the priestesses stood the maids and the other maid noticed Eliah not cheering. Her eyes opened in shock at what she saw. Eliah’s hands were clenched into fists at her sides and her eyes were filled with anger... and hatred. Eliah suddenly realized the other maid had seen her and played it off. "I’m... just angry with what happened a long time ago. That’s all." "Okay..." said the other maid. She had her doubts, and her doubts were very strong...


Part 1

Two Days Later...

The Queen lay quietly in the birthing chamber, nursing the baby girl. The little baby girl, her skin now darkening to a light brown, drank her mother’s milk happily while cooing. There was a knock on the door and a guard called to the Queen, "My Queen, it is your maid, Eliah. She wishes to speak with you." The Queen called back to the Guard, "Let her in."

The maid Eliah stepped into the room and walked up to the bed. She bowed and the Queen said, "It is not your turn to tend to me, Eliah. I sense something is troubling you. Speak your mind child." Eliah rose and asked, "So... is she...?" The Queen smiled and looked down at the baby suckling.

"Yes, yes. She is truly a princess and my daughter. I created her to be a princess and for me to mother and love for all eternity. She is..." The Queen turned to Eliah, "Just like her older sister. She is just like your mother, whom I gave birth to thousands of years ago."

Eliah watched as the girl nursed from the Queen and then asked, "Tell me again. Tell me what happened to my mother thousands of years ago."

The Queen sighed. "There isn’t anything new to tell. It is taught here in my kingdom quite frequently." The newborn had stopped drinking. The Queen gently pried her mouth from her nipple and then lay the babe down to sleep beside her. "Your mother was the very first princess I ever gave birth to. She chose not to serve me as a babe.

I could have cast her into hell that instant, for her heart turned evil and cold, but I gave her another chance. I allowed her to remain with me in my Kingdom, hoping to change her mind. She was kept in a Twilight realm with angels that had disobeyed and were in punishment. There, she met a male angel and she and him decided to attempt to overthrow me.

Fully grown, she and that male angel gathered an army. The angels guarding the Twilight Realm even betrayed me and unleashed them. Throughout my kingdom, angels began to side with them and once she and that male angel had enough followers, they attacked. However, my army did not raise a spear. I banished them, with the snap of my fingers, to the mortal realm in which they all would have their final chance to atone and ask for forgiveness."

The Queen petted the baby girl’s little amount of hair on her head and Eliah asked, "And I? My father is that male angel?" The Queen shook her head sadly. "Your mother slept with many of the male angels in many disgusting, forbidden spells and rituals. Your father is one of those angels, but he is not the commander and father of her army of her children." Eliah’s eyes flashed with extreme anger and she snarled impulsively, "So not only did she abandon me, I’m not even worthy of being her daughter! She didn’t even want me, I was an accident!"

A second did not pass and the two powerful guard angels rushed into the room in their blue robes, wielding spears. They had no clue what was going on, but felt the anger. They were ready to kill and to be killed for their Queen right then and there.

The Queen waved them off and reluctantly they left the room. The Queen then said to Eliah, "My child, I can remove the anger and hurt you feel, but only if you let me and if you choose to let me. Now, Eliah, you must leave." The little one had awoken and was crying. Eliah bowed and said, "Yes, my Queen." Before she walked out the door, she turned and asked the Queen, "My Queen, what shall I call the new princess?" "Her name is Terra." With that, she left the Queen and Terra in peace.


Author’s Note

I took the feedback I got from "The Book of Nim" and my other stories, and have made the chapters of my current and future stories longer. Please don’t hesitate to leave feedback, it makes me a better writer. The better the writer, the better the story could be. Thanks.
Published: 6/4/2013
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