Terra - Prologue and Part 2

Eliah betrays the Queen.
Days Later...

The Queen Goddess gently handed over little baby Terra to the other maid she trusted in the birthing and nursing chamber. The Queen then kissed the maid on the forehead and smiled at her. The maid, blushing furiously, said to the Queen, "My Queen, you did not have to do that!" The Queen shook her head and said, "You are my child as well and I love you very much. You have been a good maid and servant to me and Terra. Please take good care of Terra while I am gone."

The Queen began to walk away when the maid asked, "My Queen, where are you going?" The Queen stopped and said in a serious tone, "There are matters that must be taken care of in Hell, Heaven, and Earth. Soon, very soon my child all the suffering and evil will end." Holding little Terra in her arms, the maid said as the Queen walked out, "My Great Queen, may you live forever and ever!"


The maid was cooing to little baby Terra, when Eliah came through the doors and into the bed chamber. She stood up and said to Eliah, "Eliah, where have you-" The maid stopped when she saw all the blood on Eliah’s pink robes. The maid then realized the guards had not announced Eliah’s arrival to the chamber to her. She knew instantly that both guards were dead. Even though the guards were stronger and more powerful than Eliah, the element of surprise and trust was enough for Eliah to overtake them.

The maid trembled in fear for both... herself and Terra at the cold and hateful look in Eliah’s eyes. To her horror, Eliah began to wave her hands and cast a black magic spell. The maid knew spell casting, but did not know enough to defend herself against the dark arts. The maid, with little Terra crying due to the highly negative energy, cast a circular shell over herself and the baby.

The shell was not enough. The black energy flew from Eliah’s hands and destroyed the shell. The spell was so powerful that it damaged the bed and the walls in the chamber.


Head Priestess Celia and her priestesses were on their way to the birthing chamber, when they felt the highly negative energy of the black magic, and the area shook as an explosion occurred in the chamber. Celia immediately turned to one of her priestesses and said, "It’s Eliah! Go and warn the other guards! We’ve got to hurry, Terra and the maid are in grave danger!" The priestesses then began to run.


The maid sat up against the wall with little Terra screeching in her arms. The spell had not only penetrated the shell, but had knocked her into the wall and had its effect on her body. The maid was losing a lot of blood and fast.

The maid, barely able to see with the blood streaming down her face, saw Eliah walking toward her. The maid then attempted to cast another protective spell with the reminder of her strength. The spell was so weak that Eliah dispelled it with the wave of her hand. Eliah then reached down and snatched the baby out of the maid’s arms.

The maid tried to crawl after her as she walked away, but found she could no longer move. She just lay there, bleeding in a puddle of her own blood. She gasped to Eliah, "Why? Why Eliah, why?" Eliah turned and snarled, "This is for my mother. When she finds out what I did to the "princess", she’ll accept me into her ranks."

Eliah sat the baby on the floor and cast a spell. Black energy then surrounded the crying Terra in a circle. The maid instantly saw what was about to happen. "Why are you sending her to Earth? Why not kill her here and now?" Eliah smiled wickedly and said, "Because I want the bitch to suffer."

The maid could no longer speak, she was dying. With her last breath, she decided to give Terra a smile and telepathically soothe the baby. It worked. Terra stopped crying and looked at the maid. Their eyes met and the maid felt little Terra. The baby could not speak, but could still reach out. Little Terra reached out to the maid and the maid sensed the babe’s message, "It’s all right. Don’t worry, I’m going to be okay and so are you. I’ll see you again someday, okay?"

This in turn soothed the frightened maid and as her head fell into the puddle of blood, she smiled. With that, she gave her last breathe and her life ended.


Celia and the priestesses burst into the chamber, most of them crying. Eliah had cast a powerful spell over the chamber that did not allow them to enter. It had taken too long to dispel it and Terra was gone. She was already on evil Earth.

Eliah laughed at their tears, but then stepped back in fear as the priestesses formed a circle around her and began to cast a powerful spell. It was a spell Eliah did not know of or recognized it. Whatever the spell was, it was weakening her. Eliah felt very cold and her body temperature was dropping drastically.

Celia stepped forward as her priestesses began to cast. She stepped to Eliah, crying. Eliah said to her, "You best tell your priestesses to stop! Remember, the Queen states everyone receives a chance for atonement! The only thing you could ever do to me is send me to Earth!"

Celia shook her head. "No, the Earth realm will be coming to an end soon. Besides, you’re forgetting something Eliah." Celia said softly, "When we commit a sin, we suffer. You WILL suffer for what you have done today and the punishment for harming a princess is not light. You will be sent to Hell, to darkness, until the Queen believes it is time to give you a second chance."

Eliah’s eyes widened in horror. She had just anticipated being sent to Earth to make up for what she just did, that was the plan. Now she knew as she shivered that what Celia was saying was true. She could already feel the coldness, the emptiness of Hell. "NOOO!" Eliah tried to cast a spell but could not. Moments later, she found herself chained up in complete cold darkness...


The priestesses walked away after a talk with the Queen with heavy hearts. The Queen had returned after hearing the horrible news of what happened to Terra and her servants. She had informed the priestesses that the three fallen servants would be revived when the time was right. However, Celia inquired about rescuing little Terra and a tear was shed from the Queen. She said to Celia, "My dear priestess, I cannot go to Earth to save her. There are laws and covenants in place, you do not understand."

Celia then asked about someone else going, anyone to save little Terra from the suffering, she would go through on Earth. The Queen shook her head, "My child, the forces of evil on Earth are too powerful at this time. Do not worry, the Earth senses her. The Earth will protect Terra until it is time for her to come home and back into my arms."

The other priestesses had left but Celia stayed. Celia was the head priestess and one of the most powerful beings of all, next to the Queen. However, even Celia could not stop the tears from falling. The Queen comforted her daughter and Celia asked, "Mother, why? Terra does not deserve this! She’s innocent!"

The Queen rubbed her back and whispered, "Terra’s suffering will not be for naught. Terra choose to serve me and is a special child. Terra will influence many of the children of Earth and they will come back to me. Her suffering is going to bear great fruit." Celia looked and saw the tears streaming down the Queen’s eyes. She said to Celia, "My dear, dear Terra. She will be tempted to stray from the path and she may even renege and turn on me. However, I have faith in her and you should too, Celia. You should too."


The people on Earth marveled at the rain that fell after these events in Heaven. All droughts on Earth ended and the scientists of the Earth could not understand where all the rain and storms came from. Some religious people knew. Those people knew the rain that followed were the tears of the Goddess.

End of Prologue


Author’s Note

I just wanted to let anyone confused know that this is Part 2 of the Prologue. The Prologue actually had two parts. Chapter 1 will be posted next. That’s all.
Published: 6/11/2013
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