Thank You Note Ideas

They say, the best way to get the most out of any blessing is to thank for it. This simple "magic" word, can really bring a smile to anyone's face. Here is an article on thank you notes ideas just for you!
"Not what we give,
But what we share,
For the gift
without the giver
Is bare."
- James Russell Lowell

Thank you - A word that we have learned as children, to appreciate some thing good done to or for us. It is a magical word, it can bring a smile to even the most non-believing person's face. So why just stop at saying thank you? Take it a step further, give them a note expressing your gratitude. Written words last longer than the ones spoken, right?

How to Write a Note Expressing Your Thanks
One thing to remember is, that a note saying 'thank you' needs to be written and sent as soon as possible, preferably, within 24 hours. It makes the recipient of the card feel special and like they have added value to your life.

There are two types:
  1. Formal or Business Thank You Note - This is written in a formal atmosphere and has formal language. For example, writing a note saying thank you to your boss for a promotion or appraisal. Writer needs to keep the hierarchy and the age of the receiver in mind.
  2. Personal Thank You Note - This is a less formal, casual style note. Mostly used in personal correspondence and has no language specification. The writer needs to be conscious of the receivers age and the relation that they share.
Thank you notes are, ordinarily, short and brief. They are written to express a certain emotion, beyond that, these notes cannot be used to put forth any other points. In case of formal thank you, you could add a brief of the future POA in relation to the note. However, this must be done very briefly. In case of personal notes, you could put forth the joy that you experienced or the fact the receiver really adds value to your life.

Thank You Ideas
There are several ways in which you could go about writing your note.
  • Plain and Simple: You could give a simple note that has "Thank you for......." written on it. This is done when the sender is sending out the note to thank many people. Like, a note for a person attending a wedding could be, "Thank you for being there on out special day!".
  • Photo-perfect: In case of a note to a very special friend, you could write "Thank You" at the back of a photograph of the two of you. This makes the note very special and the emotion very apparent. More so, it is personalized and hence, makes the receiver feel on top of the world.
  • Poetic effect: Poems and Sonnets are a great and well - known way to express an emotion. You could try writing a poem that is appropriate to the occasion. Like if you are thanking a person for a helping you out in need of hour, you could write a poem on how a friend in need is a friend indeed. It is a cute and very touching way to say thanks,
  • Quote unquote: Thank you quotes are amply available (there is one at the start of the article). Saying thank you in the form of a quotation can really amplify the way you emotion goes through to the opposite person. More so, you come off as well-read and "wordy".
So, you see, you never thought there could be so many creative ways to say thank you. You could be as extravagant as you like, when saying thank you. It will only make you feel better and others like you more. So, this is where I sign off! Thank you!
By Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: 9/23/2011
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