Thank You Poems

Gratitude is the quality of the mighty. A thankful person always has someone to help them get through the most difficult of times. These poems are stories of people who have been showered with the graces of someone somewhere. Reading them will only restore your faith in the omnipresence of goodness and humanity.
Nurses' Love
This poem is dedicated to all nurses in the world.
A humble prayer for success.
The Volunteer's Gift
This poem is for all the volunteers in the world... Thanks a lot!
Thank You, Robby
I can't do anything than to thank her through this poem. My best of friends, Robby.
Your Hand
My own dream.
For My Dear Parents
Dedicated to my parents. Thank you.
Thank You for the Reason
An expression of gratitude to the Lord.
"There Be Light"
He said....., and there was you. My shortest poem, but a classic.
My Invincible Mentor
This is about my mentor here on Buzzle... Hera Hanabishi. Each time she comments on my articles, I'm always inspired to write more.
Dedication to the Lord
This poem will make it surprisingly simple to understand that the Lord (God) is with us and helps us at all times.
Thank You Dear Parents
God gifted us 'parents' who complete our world. A thank you poem to our parents on parents' day.
New Mercies
The poem describes the new mercies received on a new day.
I Say Thank You
Poem saying Thank You..
Thank You Lord!
Dedicated to God for His mighty works in my life.
Thank God I'm Alive
Thank God I'm alive is about a soldier who is thankful for the day and the night.
Takk.. To Be Thankfull For
I let go of something a long time ago, and it was the worst decision I could have made. This is one of my more meaningful poems. It's the first time I've been able to en-corporate a lot of emotion, in my opinion. It's based around...
Thank Our Differences
A blood bath if we were all the same
Thank You God
A small thank you to the dear Lord.
If I Didn't Already Say Thank You
Every interaction has a purpose. I have learned well because of many who opposed, corrected and encouraged me in time. Their remedial measures may have seemed harsh then, but have made a huge difference to my life. Thank you...
To My Hermano
I love you papo and thank you for being there for me
No matter what happens if you love something enough you'll keep doing it. P.S. comments are greatly appreciated thank you! =]
The Girl Next Door
This poem is actually about the archetypal character... the love drunk-blabbering fool i just thought it's an odd character because some girls love the guy but when it happens in real life some can't even see it enjoy! And thank...
Chances Are They Might Be Lying
This poem is mostly about politicians. I know it’s a different take than most of my readers are used too but I had to do it, I just felt strongly about this cause. I grew up as a disenfranchised youth and it just sickens me to see...
A Poem About HeartBreak Called "The Dance"
I wrote this poem a few weeks ago. Any comments would be greatly appreciated good or bad I'm still young I can handle the criticism thank you!
Thank You- Father!
A Higher Power...
My darling, thank you for your love...
Silent night, now your eyes are closed my love...
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