That Inevitable Outcome

The deep regret of a lost and lonely soul.
I'm sitting here reminiscing my yesterdays,
Just resurrecting the same old ghosts,
All the old-fashioned memories that won't go away,
The ones that haunt me the most,
Those dangerous recalls to embarrassment and regret,
It's a 'wish I could turn back time' moment,
To flick through the pages and attempt to reset,
The pain and the heartache as caused by a comment.

As I sift through the catacombs of a shadow of remorse,
With a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat,
Wandering aimlessly adrift and of course,
Feeling extinct beneath my overcoat,
I'm the original nomad with the vagrant stare,
Fixed to a moment that belongs in the past,
Traversing the world whilst getting nowhere,
And praying Death come to me at last.

My heart has grown weary of the torment it endures,
And my spirit has sunk to the deepest depths,
As madness laughs its cackle at the evermore,
In mocking memory of those tears once wept,
And the looking glass screams back at me in terror,
I close my eyes in an attempt to cloak,
Myself from the impending clamor,
Of that one true covenant that I broke.

Hell mend me! It is all my own fault,
I gambled in vanity and my heart paid the price,
For all that was good, I pissed up the wall,
And all that is bad be my prize,
So I sit here reminiscing my yesterdays,
And the razor feels cold on my skin,
It's the final resort, I can no longer delay,
That inevitable outcome of sin.
Published: 5/15/2014
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