That One Guy - Chapter 11

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"Mitchell, you're finally here!" Mrs. Langton (Mitchell's Mum) said. "Ben, his partner and Sam have been waiting for you."

"Nonsense, no it's alright." Ben and Martha protested back. I rolled my eyes, I couldn't believe that I would have to be spending a night having dinner with a guy who hates me.

Through the dinner, I did learn that Mitchell's dad and Ben were best buds through college and have been ever since, well until they left for England.

"Wow, can you believe that we were best mates and now we find our Mitchell and Sam are too. Ha, small world I guess." Ben laughed.

Ugh, we are not friends, let alone best friends. I need to get out of here. "Um, excuse me. I need to get some air." I said getting up and leaving while everyone at the table stares at me.

I walked out to the car park and sat by the front of our car on the curb, unfortunately the Valet parked the car right by the entrance of the restaurant. So I just looked like a homeless shadow sitting by a car, but I couldn't care less. I tilted my head and leaned on the car, when did my life get so bad? It's only the first week back! I thought to myself. I closed my eyes and thought back to when I was a little girl with loving parents and without a worry.

"Sam?" A voice yelled from across the distance, it then started getting closer and closer.
"Wha-, huh?" I said clueless, I looked up to see Mitchell standing in front of me.
"Oh, sorry must've dozed off."
"It's okay, Mum told me to check if you were okay."
"Yeah, I'm fine."
Mitchell then smiled and took a seat next to me. I couldn't believe that Mitchell was talking to me again. I thought all hope of getting us to be friends again were gone.

"I forgot how adorable you look when you sleep." Mitchell smiled. I smiled back at him.
"Look, I wanna apologize for the other day, I was upset and angry. Sam... You know I love you right?"
"Yeah, of course I do. I love you too. It's just like the old times."
"No, not like that, Sam... It hurts so much to see you with someone else." Mitchell explained. I couldn't look at him, I felt so guilty for hurting him.

"Look." Mitchell carried on. "It's your life to live and I can't stand in your way."
"Thanks Mitchell, for understanding." I said hugging him.
"It's fine, but is the jerk ever hurts you, I'll be on my way to his house in less than 2 seconds with my fists."
"Haha, thanks but I don't think you need to."
"Sam, I know you think he's the perfect guy and how they would never hurt you, but-"

"No Mitchell, it's not that. We're back to being strangers like we were last year. There's no way he can hurt me now."
"Oh, sorry to hear." Mitchell then put his arm around me and pulled me in close.
"I miss the old times, when it was just you and me, having fun." I said leaning on his shoulder.
"Hmm, well do you wanna hang out tomorrow, just you and me."
"Definitely." I replied smiling to him.

In the car ride home, Martha wouldn't stop worrying about me. "Are you alright? Does your head still hurt?"
"No, I'm fine."
"Are you sure dear? You didn't look fine when you left halfway through dinner."
"Martha, I assure you, I'm fine."
"Okay, but as soon as you get home I want you off to bed."
"Yes Ma'am.

As soon as we got home I walked into my room and checked for messages on my phone. There was one from Alex.

"Did you mean what you said?"
I replied:
Alex replied almost instantly.
"Can we meet tomorrow?"
"No. Busy."
"Another day then?"
"I know you're angry but please, we need to talk this through."

I didn't bother replying, I needed a break from him. "Ugh, why must my life be so complicated?" I thought to myself.

I then got changed into my pajamas and got into bed. I couldn't sleep; my mind was focused on Alex and Mitchell. I don't know if I like Alex or Mitchell more. I have mixed feelings right now.

The next morning I got a text from Mitchell.
"Hey, can I come over?"
"Sure." I then texted him my address.

I was so glad I survived the week; all I need to do now is to survive the rest of the year. I was in my room when the doorbell rang; I quickly ran downstairs and opened the door.

"Hey." Mitchell said.
"Hey, come on in."
"I brought some DVDs." Mitchell said coming in.
"There better not be any zombie ones."
"Don't worry; I remembered how much you hated zombies."

I took a seat on the couch and looked through the pile of DVDs Mitchell brought.
"Where's Martha and Ben?" Mitchell said taking a seat next to me.
"Uh, ring shopping or something."
"Oh, okay."
"Ugh, I give up. You pick a movie. I'll get the popcorn." I said giving the pile of DVDs to Mitchell. I got up and walked over to the cabinet to get a packet of popcorn.
"So I can choose any and you have to watch it?"
"I guess."
"Okay, this one."
"Sure." I said not looking up as I put the popcorn in the microwave.

The one thing I forgot about Mitchell was that he loved scary movies. So we ended up watching a really scary movie about this guy who's gone mental and kills everyone whoever insulted him. Mitchell laughed at me as I screamed my head off almost every second. Halfway through the movie I've seen enough and put my head in a cushion.

"Oh no you don't!" Mitchell laughs.
"It's too scary, tell me when the movies finished." I muffled in the cushion.
"It's not that scary."
"Yes it is."
"Okay, okay, we'll watch something else."

I lifted my head to the tv and then all of a sudden a man zooms to the screen of the tv with his head above him and disconnected from his body, full of blood and a huge eyes and scary sharp teeth.

I started to scream and then all of a sudden I started crying. I don't know why, because I'm usually just a little scared when something like this happened. Yeah right, who am I kidding? I get freaked out by this stuff. "Oh... Sam, sorry. We shouldn't have watched this movie." Mitchell apologized and pulled me closer and hugged me. I put my head on his shoulder and hugged him back. After 10 or so seconds I lifted my head slightly. Mitchell's eyes watched me; I had forgotten that Mitchell had really gorgeous eyes.

Mitchell's POV:

She stared into my eyes with her beautiful hazel eyes. I wanted to kiss her so bad. But I couldn't resist it; I wanted the same feeling back when we first kissed 3 years ago on the day I left for England.

Sam's POV:

His head pushed towards me slightly tilted. When he was about halfway he hesitated. I wanted to kiss him, I just didn't know if I should, with all the things going on with Alex. He looked back at my eyes and my lips. I leaned in and kissed him as he kissed me back.


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