That One Guy - Chapter 14

Sorry guys, it took so long but, school got in the way and I had troubled with ideas and everything but I finally got there in the end! Sam talks to Alex and Mitchell and ends up disappointing both, what will she do? Please comment! P.S - This chapter is dedicated to Bailey A. who has always been reading my story!
I sighed quietly and started at the ground for a while. He deserves to know, doesn't he? I thought to myself.


I looked up to see Alex still standing by the window, his face was full of confused emotions.

"Um, Ben got offered a job in England." I stared at him as his face turned into a more confused face.
"Who's Ben and what does he have to do with you?"

This is it, Alex needs to know. "Uh... my parents died when I was 4," I looked Alex in the eye and watched his face soften. "No one in my family wanted to look after me so; I was put into foster care. But when I was 6, I was adopted, during that time I... I felt like dying." My eyes started to fill with tears as I thought back to when I was a little girl.

"Why...?" Alex asked me as he walked away from the window and sat next to me.

"Every little thing I did wrong, they would get angry and beat me, sometimes I end up being knocked out. I still have most of the scars, hence why I don't I barely wear t-shirts and shorts, arm revealing the scars as tears rolled down my face.

Alex sat there staring at my arm, shocked.
"But, Mitchell found out and his mum called Child Services. I was put back into foster care when I was 8 and that's when they put me with a social worker called Martha who later then became my legal guardian, and Ben is engaged to Martha."

I looked at Alex with my tear filled eyes and waited for him to say something, but he was lost for words. He didn't say anything which got me scared, doesn't he like me anymore?

I turned away from him and got up, I decided to let things sink in for him. "Um, I'm gonna go... text me." I took one more look at him and walked to the door, I reached for the doorknob but a voice stopped me.

"Don't go, please."
I turned around to see him walking towards me, I smiled slightly.


I got home around 4 o'clock and Martha and Ben were both out, so that meant I still had more time to decide. As I walked up to my room, my phone beeped. I took my phone out of my pocket and read the text message from Mitchell:

"We need to talk."
"I do too, can you come over?"
"Yep, be there in 10 minutes."

I threw the phone onto my bed and plopped on the bed next to it. This can't be happening, I have a life here, I have friends who love me, and I have a boyfriend here! I would be leaving my whole life behind. Martha and Ben would be here in a few hours and they would be expecting an answer. But if I say no, that means I would possibly ruin Ben's best chance in his career.

About 10 minutes later Mitchell arrived. Mitchell walked in and sat on the couch.
"Did you hear about Ben and my dad? How they got offered jobs?" Mitchell said looking at me.
"Yeah, did your dad talk about it with you?" I say as I walked into the kitchen to pour him a glass of water.

"Why'd you say you wanna go? I mean, you only just got here. Don't you wanna spend some time with us?" I say as I got a glass out of the cupboard. Mitchell stayed quiet for a while; he seemed a little sad and guilty.

"I know this will sound a little selfish but, I heard Ben got offered the job with my dad and I thought you would be going with Ben too. So if I went you and I... could... you know, happen." Mitchell finally got out.
"What?" I say as I place the glass of water on the coaster on the coffee table in front of Mitchell.

"I thought that, if we both went to England, we could finally be together... without distractions."

I knew that as soon as Mitchell said distractions was that he was talking about Alex. I'm gonna have to tell him, break the news to him. He said he was okay with Alex and I right?

I sighed, "Um, Mitchell... I'm with Alex now?"
"What?" Mitchell looked at me shocked; it looked like he was so sure that... I wanted to be with him.
"I'm going out with Alex..." I said softly.
"What? Since when!?"

"He came over after you left."
"Right... forget, I was even here." Mitchell said angrily. Mitchell got up and walked to the door.

"Mitchell! Please. You said that you would be fine!"
"Yeah, that was before yesterday." Mitchell mumbled before he slammed the door shut behind him.

I sighed and walked upstairs to my room. Isn't life great!? Do I still want to go to England?

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