That One Guy - Chapter 17

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I had driven for almost 2 hours now, the day has started to turn to night, the fuel tank was almost empty and I was completely lost. But I couldn't stop; I don't ever want to be found. I pushed all my thoughts into the back of my mind and keep driving down a "never-ending road".

After about 15 minutes, my car suddenly halted to a stop. I quickly checked the fuel... empty. "Great! I'm in the middle of nowhere on an empty fuel tank and no money." I said to myself angrily. I opened the car door and jumped out. I felt a small chilly breeze blowing on my face as I got out, I pushed the door shut with a loud slam.

I walked to the front of the car and stood there waiting for an oncoming car. I took my phone out hoping I could call someone, but to make the day better there was no reception.

"Grrr..." I grumbled to myself as I put my phone back into my pocket. "Could this day get any worse?" I whispered to myself as I started to tear again.

*1 Hour Later*

It now was completely dark, with only a single old street light which looks like it's about to give up any minute now, lighting the area. Not a single car has driven by, where could I be? I thought to myself getting a little bit scared.

The breeze started to get colder so I decided to wait inside the car. I walked away from the front of the car and walked to the driver's door on the curb side of the road, but as soon as I got the door the sound of a car startled me. I turned my head to see a pair of bright lights moving towards me.

I quickly ran and stood in front of my car. I raised my arms and started to wave them in the air frantically. The car drove nearer and nearer, I dropped my arms and smiled from ear to ear both because maybe they would like a friendly smile and I thought they were gonna stop. But to put a cherry on top of my day, they drove right past me. My smile dropped almost immediately. I sighed and grumbled my way back to the driver's seat door. I reached to open the door when I heard a car door slam. I looked around and found exactly the same car that had driven past parked behind mine.

The darkness of the night made it really difficult to see who drove the car, but I saw a tall figure walked my way. The person looked extremely like Alex. "Alex?" I say as I run towards the figure. But as I got nearer, I had realized that it wasn't Alex. Instead it was an unfamiliar guy who looked about 18 years old. He looked like he was just at a party and has been drinking. "Sure, I could be anything you want me to be." He said. I gulped as his words shivered down my body. The person started to get closer and closer, with a really strong smell of alcohol and a cheeky yet scary grin on his face. I took at few steps back away from him.

Sadly he noticed, "What are you doing babe? You scared?" The guy laughed. He was now standing in front of me as I was pushed against the side of the car. I gulped once more, now wishing I had stayed home. The guy then pushed his face towards mine before he forced his lips onto mine, possibly strong enough to crush my teeth.

I started to taste the alcohol in my mouth; I almost gagged at the taste. I tried to push away from, he was too strong and wasn't shifting one bit. What do I do now? I thought to myself. I remember seeing a bush next to the car and down the hill so I just need to find a way to get away from him and run into the bush. He started to move down to my neck, I struggled to get free. "What are you doing?" He said as he pulled away from me, which gave me an advantage. I gripped my hands into a fist and tightened it before using half my energy to the side of his face.

He took it by surprise, letting me go. I quickly ran around the car and down the hill before running into the bush. The bush was darker than I thought. I only saw faint shadows of trees and branches. I ran a few more meters thinking I weren't visible to the guy. I stopped for a while catching my breath, suddenly I heard some heavy footsteps and growling. I gulped and stayed as still as possible. "Come out, come out, wherever you are," the man said almost singing it. As his footsteps came closer, I started to breathe more heavily. I felt my heart thumping in my chest, feeling like it would bounce out of me really soon. My body started to stiffen, I was almost at tears. I then heard the faint sound of a car driving by, I wanted to scream out as loudly as I can, but I doubt they would hear me. The man heard the car too; he looked up to the road and started to turn away.

He was a few meters away from me before I let out a sigh of relief, terrible mistake.

The sigh had been louder than I anticipated, unfortunately he heard. I heard him chuckle slightly and his footsteps came closer. I bit my lip as I started to beat myself up inside. He walked closer and closer towards the tree I was hiding behind. I stayed as still as possible, as the man was near the tree.

The man's footsteps started to fade which meant he had finally left. This time I knew he was gone and let out the sigh safely before turning around away from the tree. I looked out and noticed this part of the forest has changed a bit, I don't know what but it did in some way.

I then quickly tiptoed a few steps ahead before walking slowly towards the hill. I took a few more steps before I tripped over something. I fell face first into a pile of leave and some twigs. I groaned at the pain and turned around onto my back. "Hm, there you are sweetie. You know that punch hurt a bit so I thought we could get even." The man said standing at my feet. He put his cold hands around my shoulders and lifted me up; there was still the bad smell of alcohol. He then shoved me against a tree and my head hit the tree first. I shrieked in pain, I felt blood drip from my head making me feel light-headed. I felt tears run down my face, I'm in the middle of nowhere with a guy who could potentially rape me or kill me.

He smiled at the sight of the blood that was sliding down the side of my face. "Aw, are you okay? I'm so sorry, bit of an accident there. Why don't I help you and rid the pain by... more pain?" He said sarcastically. I stared at the guy with my tear filled eyes. I watched him as he grabbed something out of his pocket, he opened it up. I looked at it, until it had finally hit me that he was holding a pocket knife. "No, no... no..." I whispered.

"Aw, you scared now are you?" He said as he walked closer to me with the knife end facing me. "I'm here to help." He was now standing right in front of me. I shake my head as my face is drenched in tears and blood. His face turned into a smile before he took my arm and slowly pushing in the knife into my wrist. I screamed in pain as it went further and further in. I watched the blood come rushing down my wrist and dripping onto the forest floor.

I then turned my eyes onto him; there was a big smile on his face. How could someone find pleasure in doing this? I looked away from both him and my wrist as I started to feel sick. My tears kept dripping down my face; the pain kept going through my body. I then suddenly heard a punch before the guy started to fall while the knife was still in my wrist dragging a big cut across the rest of my hand before the knife fell. I screamed more when the knife made a big cut across my hand.

I lifted my head and saw a figure standing in front of me. I suddenly gave out and I dropped to the ground. I watched the figure as it ran towards me. "Oh my gosh! Sam, I need to get you to a hospital!"

Mitchell's voice said before he placed his hands underneath me on my back and the back of my legs and lifted me up.


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Published: 5/19/2012
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