That One Guy - Chapter 18

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Mitchell opened his car door and put me down on the leather seat before putting the seat belt over me. He shut the door softly before running around to the driver's seat beside me. He pulled his seat belt around him and clicked it in, and then he turned the key and started the car.

I sat in his car motionless, staring at my feet. Why did he come looking for me? He hated my guts, I hated me too. I sighed and wiped the blood and tears off my cheek.

"What happened out there tonight Sam?" I heard Mitchell's voice sounding concerned.

"I don't know, the car had no more gas, so I needed some help, and that guy,he stopped. Then... he almost raped me but... I punched him so he wanted to get even I guess."

I heard Mitchell sigh. "Are you okay...?"

"I've been better." I say as I turned to look out the window.

"Why?" I say softly after about 5 minutes of silence.

"Why what?" Mitchell says as he turned towards me looking confused.

"Why did you come and save me?" I say as I looked at him.

Mitchell looked at me for a few seconds and sighed. "As much as I don't want to be around you right now, you're my best friend, and the best I'll ever have."

"So, you're not angry with me?"

"Maybe a little, but I'll get over it." Mitchell said as he smiled at me.

I smiled slightly at his answer, and then suddenly I remembered that he would be leaving soon. My smile dropped instantly, I would be losing my best friend all over again.

"When are you leaving for England?" I asked sadly while I looked him.

"Well, it turns out that they wanted the partnership deal, and since Ben declined it, we don't get it.

"Oh, sorry. But that's good! It means you get to stay and we could hang out."

"Don't need to spend time with me when you've got your boyfriend."

"Mitchell! Don't be like that." I said frowning at him.

Mitchell sighed, "I'd be happy to."

I smiled as I thought of the things we needed to catch up on, but suddenly a big shot of pain went through my head. "Arrh," I shrieked as the pain started to intensify.

"Sam! Sam!" Mitchell yelled as he pulled the car over.

"My... head... pain." I say as the pain continues.



I heard a machine beep in a rhythm. I opened my eyes slightly and saw a blur of white, I blinked a few more times and my vision started to become clearer. I was lying on an unfamiliar bed staring at a white ceiling. I turned my head to see my surrounding, I see Alex the right side of my bed; he was sitting on the ground against the wall staring at his feet looking at bit worried. I look down at my arm where the guy had cut across; there was a bandage from my elbow to half of my fingers. I sighed.

"A...Al...Alex," I stuttered softly.

He lifted his head and ran up towards me. I looked at him he was smiling yet he looked as if he would burst into tears really soon. He looked as if he hadn't slept in days.

"Oh, thank god you're awake." Alex said giving me a hug.

"What... what's going on?" I asked staring at Alex.

"You've been in a coma for 2 days. The doctor says you got hit in the head pretty hard and you have to get 8 stitches for your arm. Man, what happened that night Sam?"

I sighed and told him what happened, from when the guy showed up to when Mitchell arrived. Where is Mitchell? Where are Martha and Ben?"

"Where are Martha and Mitchell?" I asked looking around at the empty room.

"Martha went to get some breakfast with Ben and Mitchell just left about 5 minutes ago."

"Oh," I say as a doctor walks into the room looking really serious.

"Is everything okay, Doc?" Alex says to the doctor noticing the seriousness in the room as the doctor walked in.

"Um, can I talk to you alone outside please?" The doctor says to Alex.

Alex looks at him with a face of concern and worry. What's going on?!

"Uh sure," Alex then smiles at me says, "Be right back," but I could tell he was worried.

He may have looked like everything was fine on the outside but I saw in his eyes that there was something wrong and he was scared.

I watched Alex and the doctor walked out the door and talked. There was a small rectangular window on the door so I could see everything crystal clear. I watched as the doctor says something to Alex, I watched as Alex put his head into the palm of his hands and starts to shake his head. The hum of the lights suddenly stopped in my mind, something was wrong. Something was definitely wrong... with me.


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