That One Guy - Chapter 2

Sam finds a piece of paper in her locker and faces another hard challenge at school. I need at least 5 comments to go on. This is also my last post as I'm going on holiday soon. But I'm gonna start posting again on the 12th of January, well around then! Thanks.
"Morning Sam." Martha said putting a plate of waffles on the table. "Hey." I said as I started sliding the plate towards me. I took a bite out of the waffles and boy were they good! "Martha, you know you've always made the best waffles." I said not looking up from the waffles. I took a few more bites and realized that no one was replying. I turned around, there laid Martha curled up on the couch, sleeping. I giggled a little and turned back to the waffles because I didn't want no waffle-man stealing MY waffles.

After I finished my waffles, I grabbed my bag and some money and walked out the door. I lived quite close to the school, about 100 meters up the road. By the time I got to school only a few people were there. Great! Just how I like it, few people gossiping about me. I decided to drop off my library books of first. Luckily my locker was close to the library, I put in the code and opened it. A piece of paper then fell out. A note.

Meet me in the auditorium after school.

I flipped the note over, but didn't find a name. No initials, no name, no nothing. "What's that?" I heard a familiar voice say, an arm then grabbed the note outta my hands. I turned around to see Jed, one of my best friends reading the note. "Aww a love note! No name, but a giant love heart!" Jed laughed. "Shut up! I don"t think I"m gonna go anyway." I sighed. "WHY NOT!?" Jed suddenly became serious. "Because, it could be someone who's gonna play trick on me, and then tell the whole school that I'm desperate enough to go, which we both know is not true. Plus I don't need a guy ruining my life." I slammed my locker door shut. "Ok, 1, if you do go it doesn't mean you're desperate, it means you're curious and 2, what if this is the guy of your dreams!?"

"Highly unlikely." I started walking down the hallway, as Jed starts following.
"Do it for me? Please?"
"Ok, Okay, now please can we go to class?"
"Good, tell me all about it tonight!" Jed said as he backed away. I laughed and wondered why he wanted me to go so much.

I walked into my dreaded home room, Brittney the stuck up whore started walking up to me as I took my seat at the back of the class. "Why the hell are you still here!?" Shouldn't you be dead, you emo little bitch!" I ignored here, Bitchy Brittney hates being ignored. "Hello!? Brittney's talking to you! You should be privileged that someone is even talking to you!" Her bitchy follower Stacy said standing up. Brittney scoffed, "No wonder you're real and adopted parents hated you. You're a disgrace to them!" I looked at her, as she kept pressing my rage button, my face started to burn up. My vision started to blur as tears fill up my eyes.

"Brittney! Don't you think you've gone too far this time?!" I heard Alex, one of her best friends say. I looked up and saw Brittney roll her eyes and whisper, "This isn't over bitch." And she went back to her seat. I hated this, it happens just about every day, just not this far. I rubbed my tears away, then I found smudges of makeup on my fingers. I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom down the hallway. I heard Brittney and Stacy laugh while Alex sighed in the background.
Published: 12/23/2011
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