That One Guy - Chapter 21

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I woke up in the middle of the night feeling groggy and wanting to vomit. I quickly ran out of bed and into the bathroom shutting the door behind me. I ran to the toilet and started to heave my dinner out. Someone knocked at the door, "Sam... Sweetie, are you okay?" Martha's voice asked. I didn't answer. A few minutes later I flushed the toilet; I slowly started to drop into a sitting position on the ground. I sat there for a few minutes until there was another knock on the door. "Sam? Please, are you okay?"

"Yeah." I replied softly, but loud enough for Martha to hear.

I heard her sigh from outside the door, "Please come out."

I closed my eyes for a second and sighed. I got up and walked over to the sink and grabbed a plastic cup and turned on the tap filling the cup with water. I rinse my mouth out and washed my hands before opening the door again.

"Hey... are you okay?" Martha asked as I walked past her.

"Yeah... I fine." I say before I walked back into bed. I heard Martha sigh again as pulled the covers over me.


"It's probably because of the tumor, it's putting pressure on the brain and causing her to vomit," the doctor answers the question Martha shot at him as soon as he took a step into my room.

"Oh... okay." Martha answered quietly.

The doctor then took my chart and flipped through my notes. He took out his pen and wrote more things onto it. After about 2 quiet minutes he finally speaks.

"So, Sam how are we feeling today?"


"That's good but I'm afraid I have some bad news. The tumor in your brain is a grade 4 malignant brain tumor. In other words it is a very fast growing cancerous tumor and with the tests that we have done the tumor has spread from the brain down to your spinal cord. If you choose to have treatment, we would need to start as soon as possible before anymore damage is done."

The room went silent for a while before Martha rushed out of the room.
"I'll give you some time to think about your decision." The doctor said before he turned away and walked out the door.

I sighed and my eyes started to tear up. This is it; I have a cancerous tumor that has spread. If I don't have the treatment, would I die? I don't want to die... not now. I haven't even had my high school graduation yet! It then became too much, I felt more and more tears running down my face.

The door suddenly opened, I looked up with my teary eyes. Alex stood by the door, motionless, he looked at me and it instantly hit him. "Sam," Alex said sadly before he walked to me and put his arms around me. I wrapped my arms around him and cried soaking his shirt. "I don' wanna die." I sobbed. "You won't, at least not until we're sitting in a rest home eating dinner at 4 in the afternoon." He said shakily, trying to hold back his tears.


Martha was back in the room, Alex and I were still holding on to each other before the doctor returned wanting to know if I wanted treatment or not.

Everyone looks up when the doctor walked in, about 2 seconds later he asked what I wanted to do. I said I wanted treatment of course, without treatment I would just die, with treatment it meant I still had a chance of graduating, going to university and had a chance of having a family. The doctor said I can go into surgery tomorrow and then have chemotherapy and possible radiotherapy. Great?!

*2 Hours Later*

"Hey." I heard a familiar voices say.

I rolled to my left towards the door to see Emmalyn, Bryant, Jed and Mitchell standing by the door with flowers and balloons saying "Get Well Soon."

"Oh my gosh, hey guys!" I say as excitedly as could, trying not to let them know how upset I am.

Emmalyn quickly put the flowers on the bedside table on my left and gave me a hug. "Uggh, I haven't said you in ages!" She said letting go of me.

"I know! I missed you guys." I said forcing a smile.

After we caught up a bit, Bryant went to get us some drinks and Jed went too, knowing Jed, he didn't go to help instead he probably went to go talk about Emmalyn.

"So this guy just turns out to be Alex's brother?!" Emmalyn asked shocked.

"Yeep." I say popping the "p".

Emmalyn then nods as if she was going through the situation in her head, but she was probably thinking of what she was going to wear the next day or something.

"So, when are you getting discharged?" Mitchell asked not knowing anything about my treatment.

"Yeah! We really miss you!" Emmalyn piped up.

I didn't reply, what am I supposed to tell them? That I have cancer and I'm possibly never going back to school?

"Sam?" Mitchell says in a deep concerned voice.

"Uh... ahem." I stammer.

"Sam, what's going on?" Mitchell asked.

Then there were 2 knocks on the door before Alex walks in. He looked at me and then to Mitchell and Emmalyn.

"I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" Alex asked.

"Nope." I replied.

"Oh okay, umm... Martha wants to know if you needed anything for the surgery tomorrow."

His words came out like a time bomb; Emmalyn was the first to react while Mitchell put his head in his hands.

"SURGERY!? WHAT SURGERY?!" Emmalyn yelled looking back and forth at me and Alex.

"Emmalyn, calm down. You're going to wake people up here." I say trying to calm her down.

I watched her as she closed her eyes and inhaled and exhaled one breath.

"Okay, I'm calm. Now can you tell me why the fuck you need surgery? I thought you only need a bandage or something and your outta here?"

I gulped, Emmalyn hardly swears so I know she's upset. "Uh, when they were doing tests... they found a tumor... a cancerous tumor."

"...I'll... uh be right back." Emmalyn said before rushing out of the room. I looked at Mitchell who gave me an apologetic look and rushed after Emmalyn.

"They didn't know did they?" Alex asked as he walked towards me.

I shook my head slowly.

"I'm really sorry." Alex said taking my hand and started rubbing it.

"It's okay, they needed to know and I didn't think I could do it anyway." I forced a smile at him.


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Published: 6/18/2012
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