That One Guy - Chapter 23

New chapter! This one's a bit short and boring with thoughts and stuff, but I really wanted a new chapter for what happens after, so please bear with me! Please comment, it means so much! Thanks.
Alex's POV:

I sighed as I walked out the hospital, it was now 9.30 pm and Sam has been in surgery for 4 hours now. I would still be up there waiting, but Martha had forced me out of there and told me to come back after school tomorrow. I don't want to go to school tomorrow, why would you if your girlfriend's in surgery. Man, that's just fucked up.

I turned left at the exit of the hospital and walked towards my black Audi. When I got to the driver seat door, I looked up and noticed that Dylan's car was parked opposite mine and he was inside staring right at me. I sighed and remembered that Sam had asked me to talk to him. I shut my eyes for 2 seconds before I let go of the door and walked over the concrete in the middle separating Dylan's car and mine.

Dylan watched me as I walked towards his car, and he stayed holding the steering wheel of his car. I walked around the side to the front passenger seat door and opened it. I slid into the car and shut the door behind me. It pained me to be in the same car as him, I felt anger rise inside of me but I couldn't let it out, I'm doing this for Sam.

We stayed quiet for the first few minutes just waiting for the other person to speak. There was an awkward silence for while, which felt really weird since in my whole life... I've never had a time where I couldn't figure out what to say to Dylan.

"Alex, I'm really sorry for what I did." Dylan breaks the silence. "I was drunk and I know that shouldn't be an excuse for what I did. I... I'm really sorry."

I sighed as he finished talking, I don't know whether to be angry or upset. He's my brother and best friend and then suddenly overnight, I just hated him. I then ran what Sam had said earlier through my head and thought about how much she wanted me forgive him.

"Dyl..." I sighed. "I'm gonna forgive you... but only because Sam wanted me to, nothing else." I gritted through my teeth.

Dylan looked at me and smiles faintly. "Thanks."

I took one more look at him before exiting the car and back to mine.


"Alex, where the hell have you been!?" I heard a familiar high-pitched voice scream my name.

I didn't bother looking up from my desk; I didn't want to see her, not after what she had done.

"Oh my gosh, Alex don't be mad at me. I was only doing what's best for you." Brittney said before she took a seat next to my desk. "Plus, it's a good thing that emo freak is gone. She was totally ruining our reputation."

I felt instant rage fill me; I held my hands into a fist shape and tightened them so they turned white. I wanted to yell and scream for all the things she had done these years, the things that made Sam's life harder than it was already. I took a few deep breaths to calm down and grabbed my bag before standing up to move. I heard her scoff as I took a few steps away from her.

"Ugh, you're not actually gonna ditch me for one of her friends, are you?" She was talking about Sam like she was the bad person here, I heard a slight laugh in her voice.

"Yes, I am and don't ever, and I mean it, ever call Sam that." I replied giving her a threatening look.

She simply rolled her eyes and turned to her so-called friends.


Sam's POV:

"We removed as much of the tumor as we could." I heard someone say. "But it was almost impossible for us to ful..."

Then there were some sobs from another person. A woman. Martha's sobs.

"I'm sorry to tell you this but as the tumor is spreading she... live... hope..." I slowly drifted back into nothingness.


"Alex, please calm down!" Mitchell's voice said followed by more sobbing. I wanted to yell out, I wanted to ask things. I needed to wake up.

I felt a hand grab my mine and felt a slight squeeze through my hand. I wanted to squeeze back telling them that I could hear them, I could feel too. I tried to tighten my grip to reply but the hand was suddenly gone and I was back into a blank world.


"Sam, I don't know if you can hear but please, I need you to wake up. I can't live a life without you. I know Alex can't either." Mitchell's voice pleaded. "So please Sam, please wake up."

I wanted to scream, I wanted them to know how badly I wanted to wake up. I want to wake up.


"How long is she going to be like this? It's been almost 3 weeks." I heard Emmalyn's voice say almost breaking into tears.

3 weeks?! It's been 3 weeks?! No way, it feels like an hour. I feel like I'm trapped in a bubble where everyone is encouraging me to wake up except I am, they just can't see it.


"...wake up. Please Sam. I don't want to lose you, I only just got you. I can't bear to lose you, I need you with me." Alex's voice said almost sounding like he's... crying. "I should've told... you this earlier but, I... I think I'm really... in love with you Sam. I love you so, so much, I just... need you to know how much I do." He said in between sniffs.


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Published: 6/27/2012
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