That One Guy - Chapter 26

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"Sam, are you done yet!? The bride and groom are waiting!" I heard Emmalyn's voice yell. I sighed and grabbed the bouquet of flowers and checked in the mirror one more time.

I had been in my room for almost an hour now trying to look presentable and I don't think I've got it yet. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, my dress was absolutely amazing, it was a white dress that ended a little pass, my knees that had a flowery lace pattern over top. I had gotten a brown wig for this day too, although I didn't feel that comfortable with somebody else's hair on my head, but I wanted to look good on Martha's big day. My hair/wig was worn up in a ponytail with 2 thick curled bangs down either side of my face. I was also wearing a pair of white sandal heels and a necklace that belonged to my mother.

I gulped and walked to the door, I turned the knob and saw a very impatient Emmalyn standing in front of me in a blue dress. The dress on her looked gorgeous, though it wasn't surprising since everything she wore looked amazing. She could probably wear sweats to this wedding and it would look good.

"Oh my God! You look stunning!" Emmalyn squealed when I walked out the room.

"Haha, thanks, you don't look too shabby yourself."

"Thanks." She replied smiling, "Now we better get going or the groom gets impatient."

Emmalyn then grabbed my arm and dragged me downstairs and out of the door. When we got out there was a white limousine waiting by the curb.

Emmalyn dragged me to the limo and pushed me in. There were other people in the limo but I wasn't too sure who they were, probably Martha's friends.

The ride the venue wasn't too long, we arrived about 10 minutes later. I got out of the limo with Emmalyn behind me, I looked around and stared in awe. We were at a giant garden place, there big hedges surrounding the area and scattered on the hedge were pink and red flowers. There were also millions of pots of flowers around it which made it look amazingly colorful.

"Sam! Stop staring and come with me! We're late already!" Emmalyn yelled at me.

I quickly turned around and followed Emmalyn as she led me to reserved area.

"Okay, Martha's going to come out soon which means the wedding's about to start so I have to go. But good luck out there and you really do look amazing!"

Emmalyn said before rushing off to the seats. The people sitting down couldn't see me since there was big hedge wall blocking them from me. There was a gap in the middle of the hedge wall which became the entrance of the aisle.

I poked my head through the gap and tried looking for Alex, but I couldn't find him since I could only see the back of everyone's head. I grumbled and moved my head away from the gap and turned around. When I was turned I noticed Martha walking towards me in a white dress.

"Do I look alright?" Martha asked, shakily as she reached me.

"Alright?! Amazingly stunning would be an understatement."

"Thanks Sam." Martha said as she sighed a breath of relief.

As she finished talking music started to play indicating it was time for us to walk down the aisle. I sighed and gave Martha a smile before turning towards the end of the aisle and started to walk down. I took sneak peeks as I walked down the aisle to find Alex, it wasn't until the end of the aisle I find Alex sitting in the second row in a tux.

I looked at him and gave him a smile and he smiled back at me. I watched him as he mouthed something but I couldn't tell what it was.

"We are gathered here today..." I blanked for most of the ceremony just thinking that I wouldn't have my own wedding, I won't even graduate. I probably won't even live long enough to consider which colleges I'm going to go to.


"You look beautiful." Alex whispered in my ear as we were dancing. There was slow music in the background as everyone danced. We swayed from side to side in time with the music, my arms around his neck and shoulder and his arms around my hips.

"Thanks, you look nice too." I said as I leaned my head onto his shoulder.

"I love you so so much Sam." I heard him whisper.

I gave a small chuckle and replied. "I love you so much too."

I sighed and closed my eyes wishing that this perfect moment would last forever. I wished we could stay like this and to be and to live happily, but of course death is inevitable and it will come sooner or later taking me away from him.


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Published: 7/17/2012
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