That One Guy - Chapter 27

"Are you sure you wanna say no to the treatment? It's not too late," Alex's voice flowed into my ears.

I sighed at his words. This was about the hundredth time he said this today.

"Please Alex. You know why I don't want this treatment. I think, I've explained it well enough."

"I know bu-" He started but I cut him off.

"Alex, this is a time when I really need your support on my decisions whether you like them or not."

There was a pause in the car. After a good ten seconds Alex finally said something. "Fine," he mumbled angrily.

I gave him one more look before turning to the window and looked out. Today was an alright day apart from Alex's constant complaining about the treatment. Earlier today Alex had taken me to the diner down the beach. It had been ages since I went there for food, so it was really nice to go back there.

I felt the car stop, I looked out the window to see that we have arrived back home. I noticed that behind Ben's car, there were boxes of his things. I opened the door and slowly got out scared that I would hurt myself since I've gone so much weaker than I was 6 months ago.

It had been 3 days since the wedding and Ben and Martha also had canceled their honeymoon and said it had nothing to do with me. What a load of crap. It was so obvious that they were scared that if they leave, something's going to happen to me.

As I got out of the car, I see Ben getting out of his car carrying a big box. Alex rushed out of the car to help him. I watched as Ben refused his help and put the box down the concrete footpath.

"Hey guys!" Ben exclaimed giving a short wave with a smile.

"Hey," Both Alex and I echoed.

"Need some help?" I said pointing at the boxes.

Ben's smile suddenly vanished and he turned towards Alex and then back at me.

"Err... Sam I don't think that's a good idea."

I gave an exasperated sigh, "I wouldn't die by carrying a few boxes inside if that's what you're worried about," I said getting a bit annoyed that people don't ever let me do things now.

Ben gave Alex a look that I couldn't quite make out but Ben then gave me a slight nod and began to pick up the box that he was holding before.

I gave a small smile and skipped toward the pile of boxes. I was halfway grabbing one when Alex thrust a small light box towards me. I stared at him and his box. It wasn't surprising that he did that. I rolled my eyes annoyed and snatched the box off him reluctantly and walked into the house. As I walked in, I saw there were a pile of boxes near the corner by the front door. I walked over to the pile and placed the box, I was holding onto the pile.

I sighed and went back outside onto the driveway to get another box. When I walked out, I noticed both Ben and Alex had disappeared somewhere but I didn't put much thought into and walked up to the nearest box. It was a medium-sized box and it wasn't too heavy. On top of the box, the word 'clothes' was written in capitals in red permanent marker. I instantly thought to take his clothes upstairs into Martha and his bedroom.

I bent down slowly and picked up the box. The box suddenly felt wider than I thought, so I had to poke my head around the sides of the box to see where I was going. I walked into the house and turned towards the stairs. I poked my head around every now and then as I walked up; in case I missed a step. I slowly made my way up the stairs getting a little bit tired 'Ugh come on, please don't give out on me now' I mentally said to myself.

I was about 2 steps away from the second floor until Martha came towards me.

Martha rushed to the stairs from my right hand side and didn't notice me there until she crashed into me. I immediately lost balance since one leg was half-way to the last step. I felt all my weight going towards my backside and I let go of the box as I fell. I fell on my back and felt my head hit one of the stairs. I then tried to roll my body up but as I did, I started to tumble down the stairs; my arms and head hitting hard against the stairs. I tried to wrap my arms around my head to protect it and to minimize the pain but I felt my hands slowly pull away from each other.

Now I was about 5 steps away from the ground.... Going head first.


I heard a scream and then voices came.

"Sam! Oh my god! Sam!"

It was the last thing I heard until I lost all consciousness.


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Published: 7/25/2012
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