That One Guy - Chapter 3

Hey everyone I'm back! Thanks for all the great comments! In this chapter Sam finds someone nice in the Brittney fan group and Sam's best friend getting into a new relationship and hurting her other best friend. Someone's gonna get hurt real soon! Pic of Sam!
I walked up to the bathroom mirrors, now with black streaks of tears dripping down my face. I turned the tap on and splashed some water on my face. I grabbed a paper towel and dried the water off my face. Suddenly I heard the bathroom doors open; I rushed into a cubicle and wished the person would just go away, not wanting them to see me having a breakdown. "Sam? You in here?" I heard a familiar voice say, a male voice. I peeked out just a little bit, hoping the person wouldn't see me.

I pushed my head out, I looked to the right no one, I turned to my left and there stood Alex looking right at me. "What are you doing here? It's a girl bathroom." I said walking out of the cubicle and towards the mirrors. "I was just wondering if you were okay." He replied. "Why do you care?" I turned and looked him in the eye, "Oh wait your best friend is Brittney, you really don't give a shit." I sighed and turned and turned back to the mirror. "Just because I'm friends with Brittney, doesn't mean we like and hate the same people." Alex said getting a bit aggressive. "Whatever." I finally said and walked out of the bathroom. Alex started chasing after me. "What do you want from me!?" I yelled.

"Well maybe a thank you because Brittney's probably not gonna talk to me for days just for chasing after you."
"Well I didn't ask you to, did I?"
"Ugh! I should have never come after you in the first place."
"Yeah you shouldn't have!"
I turned around and stormed to my next class. In class I started to think about what had happened in the bathrooms and in the hallway. I started to feel guilt. Maybe I should apologize and thank him for coming after me. I mean I guess it would be hard ditching Brittney as it would be, go for her and never come back to me ever again and no one would ever ditch Brittney for a girl like me. I guess he also did it outta his own kindness. Finally after a few hard minutes of thinking I've decided to apologize... just not when Brittney's around.

Later at lunch was the usual, Brittney giving me the looks and me giving them back. Thank goodness Jed joined me later otherwise I'm sure she would come and beat the shit outta me. The thing is, Brittney always had a soft spot for Jed. She would always say that I'm too much of a loser to hang out with. "Emmalyn's still at class packing her things so she'll be here later." Jed said taking at seat at the table. Emmalyn is our other best friend; she is like a perfect person. She's like the prettiest person inside and out, she's really smart and is getting a scholarship to Hartford! Has great fashion taste, really good at sports, amazing singer and dancer, great musician, she's like president of every group there is in this school and is like a guy magnet. "Sam!!" I hear Emmalyn's voice say. I looked around and saw her running towards the table. I screamed a little and ran up to her and gave her a great big hug! "Ugh, I've missed you so much!" I practically yell. "Me too!"

"Omg, I have news!" Emmalyn excitedly says once we're back at our table. "What?!" Jed and I excitedly reply.
"Bryant asked me out and I said yes!"
My face went emotionless, there first thing I could think about was Jed. Jed has been in love with Emmalyn for quite a while. Jed's face was the same as the time when his pet hamster died. "What? Is saying yes really that bad?" Emmalyn said getting really worried.
"No, we're really happy for you!" I replied faking a smile.

The rest of the day was really quite... boring. I couldn't stop thinking about Jed. Jed must have been gutted, I mean having to go against Bryant, that's tough. Bryant is one of the hottest guys in the while school and is one of the few more popular than Brittney.

The bell for end of school took forever to ring, but finally it rang. I quickly packed my things and made a run for the door before I get jammed like I always do. I was in such a rush, I forgot to zip my bag up. I took a few steps and reached the front of the class, suddenly I heard a giant clash and my bag suddenly went a lot lighter.

I stopped and turned around to see all my things on the floor behind me. Everyone stopped and started laughing. I quickly dropped to the ground and started picking everything up and packing back into my bag. As soon as I finished picking everything up, everyone was gone. I sighed and slowly got up. I turned around towards the door, but as I turned something caught my eye. I turned around and bent down to pick up the piece of paper half sticking out under the table.

I flipped it over, it was the note from that morning. I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to meet him after school! I stayed in the room for a while think about whether I should go or not.

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Published: 1/13/2012
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