That One Guy - Chapter 4

Sam meets an old friend and does old feelings come back? Enjoy!
After a few minutes I decided that I should go have a look to see who this guy is. Plus I did promise Jed that I'd go meet this guy.
I quickly got up and took a look at the time. I spent 5 minutes on picking up my things, I'm so outta shape. I walked down the stairs to the ground floor where the Auditorium is. There were still some people there which was great, I don't think I want to be locked in or anything.

I walked into the Auditorium and I looked around, it was empty. "Hello?" I said quietly, I was scared someone's gonna yell at me for being here without a pass. I decided to wait for "him" for a while, I mean he did put in some effort to get me here... kinda. I took the seat nearest the end at the very back row. I got a little bored, so I got my sketch pad and started sketching the Auditorium. I've noticed you can get a great view of the Auditorium from the back.

I was about halfway through the sketch when a guy walked out from backstage. I was too far to tell out who exactly but I noticed he was on the phone with someone.
"Ugh, I telling you man, she ain't coming." The guy sat down on the aisle stairs. I kept low, I didn't want to be found just yet. "Whatever, I'm giving up... Ok... see yah." The guy hung up and looked around and sighed. Then suddenly looked up and turned his head while staring at me. He got up and started walking towards me. I quickly got my things and walked out.

As soon I was outta the Auditorium I looked back, he wasn't following me. I quickly bent down and shoved my things into my bag and started getting up. As soon as I was standing again the same person from the Auditorium was standing right in front of me. There was something familiar about this guy. He was smoking hot, his light brown/blond hair all messed up and he had a really hot body.

"Sam! Remember me? Mitchell?"
I remembered of course. Mitchell was my best friend until he moved to England for 3 years. He was also my ex. I'm surprised he hasn't picked up the accent yet.
"Sam, you can't have forgotten me!"
"I haven't! I just thought you weren't coming back!" I gave him a hug and looked at him again. It felt so much more different to hug him.
"You've changed so much, I could hardly recognize you." I say as we took a seat by the fountain in the middle of the school. "Well I guess I had to hit puberty at some stage!" He laughed.

"I've missed you guys, Jed and Emmalyn, especially you. I miss what we had together, as a couple." Mitchell said turning towards me taking my hand. "As much as I want for us to be together it can't happen. You live in England, it's never gonna work out."
"But I'm back, you'll see me around every day at this school."
"Omg! I'm so glad your back! It'll just be like old times."
"Soo, does Jed and Emmalyn know you're back?"
"Jed does, he's the one who helped me put the note in your locker."
"Ohhh, well that explains a lot. So how's your life been in England?"

"Well, it's been alright, but I've always had something I needed to tell you. Sam, I love you. I've wanted to be with you ever since the day I met you. I never gave any girls any chance in England because I know I want to be with you." After I heard this I started to get emotional, I didn't want to deal with this now. It's too hard, I really do like him but even if he was the right one, I just wanna give things some time.

"Mitchell, I'm really glad you're back, but right now I really don't want any guys to be distracting me. I have really big dreams for UNI and I really don't need anything or anyone distracting me. I'm sorry."
"I understand."
"I'm sorry, but I really have to get going. Martha's waiting at home."
"My guardian."
Mitchell smiled, "You finally got out of that hell hole."
"Yeah, look I really have to go. Cyahh!"
"Yeah, Bye."

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Published: 1/19/2012
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