That One Guy - Chapter 5

New Chapter guys! Sorry it took so long, I had to get my laptop fixed... as I stood on it.
By the time I got home it was already 5:20. I walked in and shut the door behind me. Martha was in the kitchen making dinner as usual at 5:20 on a Monday evening.
"Where've you been?" Martha slightly turns her head towards me.
"At school, I met with an old friend who's back from England."
"Oh well that's nice."
"Yeah, it's great to have him back."
"A... him aye?" Martha chuckles.
"Yes, and he is a really good FRIEND." I smiled.
I grabbed my things and walked towards the stairs. "Dinner's at six!" Martha yelled. "Oh kay." I say as I walked into my room. I grabbed my phone and dialed Emmalyn's number.

"Hey, guess who's-"
"Sam look this isn't really a good time." I then heard her giggle. "Stop it, I'm on the phone!" I heard her laugh in the background.
"Oh, ok. Um... I'll call you later."
I hung up and sighed, then I dialed Jed's number.
"Hey Jed, it's Sam."
"Oh hey! How'd it go with mystery man?"
"You knew it was Mitchell! Someone could've told me he was back!"
"Haha, sorry. So are you guys getting back together or what?"
"Uhh, not really. I told him that I didn't want to be distracted by any guys."

"Right, that excuse."
"...Jed! I just want to wait for a bit."
"But is he willing to wait?"
"Well if he really loves me like he says he does he would."
"Are you sure you're okay about Emmalyn and Bryant?"
"Yeah, absolutely sure! She's not gonna like me so I should give up and not get hurt anymore."
"Jed don't think like that. All you have to go is to chase her. Tell her, maybe not now but... there will be a time."
"She's never gonna want to."
"Jed! Don't..."
"Sam. Thanks for trying."
"Ugh... no problem."
"Look I gotta go, see yah!"

After dinner I decided to call it a day. I felt so tired from all the dramas happening around me.
I woke up pretty early the morning, but I'm glad I had a really good night's sleep. Took a longer shower than I usually would. I had a lot to do today, catch up with Mitchell, apologize to Alex, talk to Jed since he didn't sound really happy last night.

I got to school quite early I guess, it was a pretty boring morning as I was the only one up. Luckily Jed was there already, that's one thing I love about Jed. He's always here earlier than me, so when I get here early too, I have someone to talk to as everyone else ignores me.

I found Jed in my homeroom texting. Jed is always in our homeroom as our teacher adores him. She always tries to change him into her class.
"Hey." I say as I took a seat beside him.
"Morning." Jed said looking up for 2 seconds and then looked back down at his phone.
"Expecting someone?"
"Uh, not really. No."
"Oh, ok?"
"I was just texting Emmalyn."
"Ooohh, I see." I laughed.
"There's nothing going on between us!" Jed says getting really worried.
"Woah, relax! I didn't say anything!"
"Yeah, but you had that look!"
"What look!?"
"Haha whatever."

Just then Alex walks in. He looks at me and Jed, we both go quiet, which made it more awkward. "Look I need to talk to Alex, be right back." I say getting up and walking towards Alex. Alex looks at me and walks out of the door. I chase after him and he's out in the hallways grabbing books from his locker. "Look Alex, I'm really sorry about yesterday. I didn't mean it. I was upset."
"Great of you to care!" Alex says sarcastically.

"Please don't! I'm being really serious! I'm truly sorry. I was a little harsh on you yesterday... friends?"
"Even if I'm Brittney's friend?"
Even if you're Brittney's friend." I said with a smile.
"Okay." Alex said and also smiled.
"Ok, umm... I'll see you in class."
"Yeah, see yah."

"What was that all about?" Jed asks as I was back in my seat.
"Nothing really, I just declared peace between Alex." I laughed.
"Alex? You mean Brittney's soon to be boyfriend and best friend?"
"No, well yes. But he's a really nice guy."
"Oh yeah? How do you know that?! You barely know the guy."
"Well, Brittney was being a bitch yesterday and he stuck up for mean and even came after when I was having a breakdown."
"Right, as long as you're happy..."
"Now you're starting to sound like your dad." I laughed.
Published: 1/27/2012
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