That One Guy - Epilogue

Omg! 'T1G' is officially coming to an end! So sad! I've written an author's note at the end, so please read that! Thanks so much!
*6 years later*

Alex's POV

I read the text that woke me up this morning, well greeted me this morning since I had been up all night feeling excited.

"Morning honey! We're getting married today, excited! Xx"

I smiled at Natalia's text message. I quickly hit the reply button and typed in:

"Me too can't wait!"

I then pressed the send button and got up out of bed. I took a long shower to make this day immaculate for the both of us. I put on a pair of shorts and a plain white T-shirt since I didn't want to be walking around in a tux all day.

I walked out the room and towards the stairs. On the way down a photo caught my eye, I turned towards it and remembered I had to see Sam today. It had been awhile I haven't seen her since I had been busy with college and Natalia. The photo was of us at Martha's wedding, she looked amazing that day, I loved her so much. I hadn't seen Martha much now, apparently she and Ben moved away since they were reminded of Sam here too much.

I sighed and grabbed my jacket and keys before leaving the empty apartment.


It took about 15 minutes to get to the cemetery, I opened the door and felt a slight breeze against my face. The weather was alright today, it was a tiny bit cloudy but still sunny. It was nice, it fit the mood, happy yet sad.

I walked down the once familiar path towards her headstone pulling up some flowers from the ground along the way. I walked over to her headstone and smiled sadly.

"Hey baby girl." I said placing down the small bunch of flowers. "I'm sorry, I haven't come to see you much in the past 2 years but I didn't have time with the new job and everything. I'm really sorry. But guess what remember that girl I told you about from one of my classes? Well, we're getting married today, I honestly..... I love her so much Sam. She makes me happy, and... I-I wish you would've met her. You guys would connect instantly, you both have the same traits, it's kinda scary," I chuckled and paused a bit holding back my tears.

I turned and looked down at my watch, I had to get going to get ready for the wedding.

"Sorry Sam, I have to go get ready for the wedding. I really miss you." I said as I got up. "Love you," I said before I turned to leave. Just as I turned, a cloud that was blocking the sun moved away, brightening the whole cemetery. I smiled as it shone on top of me showing that Sam was still around somewhere.


"Man where the hell have you been?!" Jed yelled at me when I got through the doors in my apartment. I was home half an hour later than I should've been.

"Woah, sorry got hungry," which was partly true since I stopped at a drive through on the way home.

"Ugh, Emmalyn was freaking out. Giving me all these phone calls one minute she's crying about how it going to be disastrous if you're not there and the next minute raging that she would rip your head off if you didn't turn up!? What was worse I had to listen to that! Remember to never get Natalia pregnant, the mood swings are the scariest things I've seen in my life."

I chuckled at his response before retreating to my room to take another shower and get changed.


I took another deep breath as I walked up the aisle and waited. The nerves finally started to kick in and I'm telling you it's really kicked in. Dyl probably sensed this since he patted my shoulder a couple of times before I heard him and Jed chuckle behind me.

I looked around the church to see that almost everyone has arrived. I found Emmalyn sitting in the front row with her bigger tummy, she was looking right at me giving me a deathly stare, I gulped and quickly turned away.

I continued to look around the room avoiding Emmalyn and that's when Mitchell walked in with his arms wrapped around his fiancée Leah. I recognized her from a couple of parties but that was about it, I hadn't really caught up with Mitchell yet. I gave him a welcoming smile which he returned.

All of a sudden music started to play, I quickly turned towards the aisle as the bridesmaids started to walked down. I let out a shaky breath and tried to stay as still as possible.

The music changed to the bridal chorus indicating my future wife was walking down. I watched as her as she walked down in the most beautiful white dress I've ever seen in my life. It was a strapless floor length dress that also had a flowery lace pattern cover, the skirt part with a longer veil that ended almost to her elbows. She blew my breath away every step she took, she look amazingly beautiful.

Her father walked her up the aisle towards me, he gave me a warming smile and removed Natalia's hand from his arm and into my hand.

I smiled towards him as he turned and walked out. I gulped one more time before turning towards Natalia. I suddenly relaxed knowing that at the end of today everything would be perfect, I would be getting to spend the rest of my life with Natalia and start a family with the woman of my dreams.


Author's note

Hey everyone! So yes 'T1G' is finished. I want to thank all the readers, commenters and supporters out there who have helped me so much with this story! It means so much to me!
Published: 8/7/2012
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