That One Guy - Chapter 1

Sam lost her parents at a young age, got beaten by her foster parents for years, been through a tough break up. Sam's starting to believe that her life is destined to be bad, but then she realizes that she needs to believe things for things to happen.

*"We knew it was a mistake adopting you!" Yelled Sarah as she kicks me hard in the ribs. "Do you think with these grades you would be able to get a job that gets a good pay to pay us back?!" Mark yells, I then yell in pain and fear as he picks me up. He raises his fist to punch me, I scream as the fist whams hard onto my left cheek. I felt my face burning up, then Sarah starts digging her nails into my legs, right on the wounds from a few days before.*

I woke up with a fright, my past has haunted me for years now. I keep wondering when it will get tired and leave me alone. I start getting out of bed, I looked at the clock, I had about 2 hours before school started again. The short but what seemed to be years break was really miserable, my life started going from bad to worse. I walked into my bathroom and look at myself through the mirror, no wonder Zac dumped me. I'm fat and ugly. I turned the shower tap on, I undressed myself while I waited for the shower to warm up. I took a look at my scars again, I never used to go out because of it. My life became full of long-sleeved tops and long jeans, even on the hottest of days I would still be wearing them. It's the only way to stop people asking questions, I'd rather not tell people about my past.

After my shower, I put on a black long-sleeved top and a pair of distressed jeans. I put on some makeup to cover up some of the minor scars and flaws. I walked out of the bathroom and back into my room, I grabbed my backpack and walked out the room and down the stairs. Once I got to the kitchen, I see Martha, my guardian, in the kitchen making my all time favorites, Waffles! My parents died in a car accident when I was younger, my dad died from impact and my mum risked her life to save mine, she died 2 days later in hospital.
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Published: 12/15/2011
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