That One Person I Wanted To Be...

This is a short poem about who I want to see in me after years of hardworking and determination. And I'm pretty sure I will see her some good day when I stare at her in me, telling that I've succeeded.
When I was five, I dreamed of the future me,
I thought, is it what I do? Or is it destiny,
And then I went through what life gave me…

A couple of lessons, lectures, and cravings,
Some bad time, kept me spend my savings,
I asked myself, what I wanted to be,
Something big, so everyone could see.

A writer, a singer, a doctor, or anything I adore,
Or something that is gruntled by the one I cared for,
Now I’m thinking of all those moments,
Envisioning that 'new me' after I've changed my cant’s to can’s.

Now I’m gruntled of who I am, a poet - to be precise,
"I am the one who I wanted to be," that thought I want to dignify,
I shouldn't be embarrassed or unabashed to succeed,
For I really want to meet "That one person I wanted to be" in me…
Published: 9/30/2013
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