That Someone Who Bothered Me

A short poem, I think is one of my best poems. Read and enjoy.
Oh, I wonder if anyone is here,
You better run away because I give fear,
I am here, I am there, everywhere,
I am the horror and even your nightmare,
I raise your blood pressure,
I won't give you pleasure.

"Run away, run away!" I say,
That won't happen because I can't speak,
You will run before you cry,
Because I don't want to hear your stupid squeak,
I moan and give you a face that's wry,
I am supernatural, a revenge for a soul I seek.

I am evil, sometimes nice,
I choose a way to scare you wise,
Me, the ulterior perhaps vicious, tell me who I am!
I am neither Dan or a man, nor Sam,
I poke, you don't notice and that's how I am,
Again I tell you, I am not Sam!

It is me who hides,
Under your dark shadow,
I'm there by the side of the bed,
You were bestowed,
This is me, I scare and hide in your bed,
Even the meadow.

I am kind and superior,
I am maniacal and the fear,
The mean, the ghostly,
And I am also horribly the one,
You're scared of the most,
For I am, yes you're right, a terrible "GHOST".
Published: 7/31/2013
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