That’s Why I Love You

Don't waste your life with guys you don't like, waste your life waiting for your true love because he will come.
I love you,
I don’t really think it seems fair,
How you are the only one,
That doesn't watch me bleed.

Pretty soon I will be coming close to the clouds,
You could take everything I have,
I would still be happy, because I love you,
You are the only person in my life,
Who comes up to me and asks how I am.

You always hug me with all of your heart,
You always guide me when I need it,
You never give up on me,
You give me a chance.

People think love is having sex,
And getting each other turned on,
Love is so much more than that,
Half of us spend our lives wasting it on,
Something that is not useful.

You start to worry because,
You don’t have a boyfriend yet,
Don’t rush, because your guy will come,
If you just wait, you will be more happy,
Than you have ever been.

Love makes you feel special,
Your true love is the one,
That you wake up to in the morning,
And you could just stay there,
Looking into him for the rest of your life,
That’s why I love you.
Do you like this poem?
Yes, absolutely.
No, I got bored.
Yes, it made me think.
It was ok.
Best poem I have ever heard.
Worst poem I have ever heard.
Published: 3/13/2012
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