The Bad Side of Addiction

This is what I think about addiction and how it affects one's life and freedom. Please do drop a comment.
You started off doing it as a fun,
But soon it became quite addictive,
It eats you in the flesh,
An affliction you brought upon yourself.

It renders you vulnerable to powers,
Powers you were once able to harness (a fallen giant),
You've become so used to it,
That you find it hard to confide in friends.

So you started keeping things to yourself,
And you find yourself going deeper into it,
The pleasure lasts only for seconds (so you thought),
Then you finally made up your mind to put an end to its reign.

The reign of the monster in you,
But it hunts you like an invisible zombie vampire,
Its priority is to destroy the bridges connecting you to God,
And pave path that leads you into deeper darkness!
It's a negative addiction!
Only the blood of Calvary can guarantee your freedom.
Published: 1/21/2013
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