The Beautiful Person

This story tells the life of a family in happiness and tragedies.
John and Jessie got married and blessed with a child. They named him as Drew. They lived a very happy life more than everyone.

After 20 years, police surrounded the city. A murder happened in John's home. Someone killed Jessie and Drew.

After seeing the Ax at home, the police investigated and found out that the fingerprint on the ax was of John. Hence John was arrested.

During investigation about the murder, John didn't say anything to police. He was imprisoned.

One night in the prison John saw a broken glass piece. He took it and killed himself. Police found him died in the prison.

Everyone wondered, 'Why was the two murders happened? What were the reasons behind the cause?'



20 years ago, Mccullum who was working with John, said that he found Jessie and Drew kissing and romancing each other.

On hearing this, John slapped Mccullum and warned him not to talk such rubbish words hereafter.

After few days, when John done with his office work, went to his house. He knocked the door of the house thrice, but no response.

Then he watched from the window of the hall, but no one was present there. After that he went to check out the bedroom window to see if his wife Jessie was sleeping. He was shocked to see Drew and Jessie were f**king.

He got angry and went to main door and rang the bell. Then, Jessie came and opened the door.

John went inside and found Drew asleep on his bed. Drew was acting like sleeping. John got angry and took the ax and killed both his wife and his son.

Since John had more love and affection for his family, he couldn't be happy, he ended his life.
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Published: 3/5/2014
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