The Best Gift

I wrote this two days ago after watching my father pass away. For Father's Day.
As I look upon the features,
Of a man who's old and frail,
I reminisce the pastures,
I went through on life's trail,
All the things we shared together,
From a boy until a man,
I hoped they would last forever,
But I came to understand,
That life deals in pain and heartache,
As much as joy and pride,
And so I came to claim my place,
By the old man's side.

I held his hand this morning,
And kissed his head farewell,
I told him I still loved him,
And let those teardrops fall,
Then I took another heartache,
And I pushed it to the side,
For I'm sure he never wished it,
And wouldn't want to see me cry,
And I smile upon the memories,
Of the heartache he endured,
And all the love he used to mend me,
When I was insecure.

Now I close my eyes,
And picture Him still standing there,
And I realize I'll miss him,
More than ever before,
And I open up my memories,
And hold them to my heart,
They bring us back together,
Like we never were apart,
All those happy reminisces,
Collected throughout the years,
Will help me through the heartache,
And brush away the tears.

As father's day approaches,
And my children send me love,
I realize the best gift,
That a man could ever have,
Is the love shared by a family,
Through the thick and thin,
From the laughter and the glory,
Through the heartache and the pain,
For all that life may deal us,
Can be absorbed by the love,
Just like my father taught me,
When I was growing up.
Published: 6/18/2016
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