The Betting Game - Chapter Eight

This time I looked between the two. It seemed like they were throwing invisible daggers at each other. I cleared my throat and looked to my friends for help...
Why am I the last person to know that Tyler’s dad is my mum’s boss at work? I hoped the daggers I was sending Tyler’s way would cause that smile to get off his face… but no, he had to act perfect in front of my mum.

The moment mum left I let my anger out. "I can’t believe this! You knew…"

He shrugged. "I found out today that there’s going to be a new tutor and then I found out it was you. You’re the one who accepted this job. I don’t think you’ll last long though."

"What?!" I snapped.

Then I see a really adorably familiar boy walk into the room. We were currently sitting in the huge living room… two cups of coffee on the table with donuts.

"Hello," his voice was equally cute.

The anger was immediately replaced with a smile. This kid had a weird effect on me. His large blue eyes blinked up at me as I crouched beside him. This cute little boy causing problems? Who would believe that?

"Tanner!" I ruffled his soft sandy blonde hair and kissed him gently on the cheek. Tyler of course had to snort. I ignored the need to flip him off and got back up to face him. "I’ll take care of his studies… you can just be a good boy and do your own thing."

He ran a hand through his still wet hair and grinned. "Whatever you say."

Tanner led me to his room after that. His room was located upstairs… apparently next to Tyler’s room. Everything was fine until I found out that Tanner’s been failing all of his exams. I was shocked… because honestly I didn’t expect it to be that bad.

"Tanner? How about we both work hard for a passing grade first? I know you can do it," honestly I was trying to give him the confidence to try harder, but guess how he answers?

"Do you like my brother?"

For a kid like him to ask me such a question is really shocking. Tyler and his influences…

"Who cares about Tyler? Right now… we need to work with you Tanner. Help me so I can help you, ok?"

He nodded and for a moment I thought I saw a flicker of relief in his eyes. He immediately got his books and we set to work. I know I’m not a great teacher but I honestly wanted to give this a try, and honestly Tanner was working pretty hard. I could tell he was trying so why is it that he’s failed in all his subjects?

When I checked his paper, I shockingly noticed that he’d gotten everything written in a very neat handwriting.

"It’s perfect. Next time I’ll quiz you. Make sure to study, ok? Ask Tyler if you need anything and I’m not around," I said, ruffling his hair again. I think it’s becoming a habit. He nodded and then I saw a very familiar smirk on his face. Oh God! Please just don’t end up like Tyler.

I got up and turned to see an amused Tyler now standing by the door with his arms crossed against his chest. He raised an eyebrow when I didn’t move. I sighed and said another goodbye to Tanner before walking out… completely ignoring Tyler.

"Oh, I know what your problem is," he said as he grabbed my arm.

I stopped and faced him. "Oh yea… Just realized you were my problem?"

"Nah! You’re just PMSing. I thought it was the kiss but I guess I’m wrong."

My jaw dropped and I pulled my arm away. I can’t believe he just said that! That was so not true but whatever. I was always pissed at him. I need to change this though. I don’t have forever to get him to fall in love with me.

"Excuse me?!!" I tried to sound as calm as I could.

"It must suck to be a girl," he shrugged then I saw the smirk forming on his face.

Ugh! Deciding to ignore him, I turned to walk away. This time he didn’t bother me until I was out into the yard. His arms circled around my waist then and pulled me back. I shrieked as he dragged me to his silver BMW. "I’m driving you home," he said once he’d made sure I was in the car, with the seat belt buckled.

"You don’t have-"

"Dad’s orders," he interrupted.

I sighed and crossed my arms as he walked to the driver’s side of the car. The whole drive home I couldn’t stop thinking about what it might feel like to Tyler to have such busy parents. As far as I know, mum who is just a secretary works for 15 hours… of course with 30 min. breaks in between. Work starts at 7 am and usually ends at 10 pm. I can understand because the job pays well and we need the money but I still feel lonely sometimes. I wonder what it must feel like to Tyler and especially… Tanner.

Does he feel lonely? Is that why he plays around with people’s feelings? Does it keep him less lonely? It kind of sounds sadistic though. What about Tanner? Is the reason he only likes his brother because he’s the only person with him most of the time? I bet his parents are rarely home. To be honest, the house itself seemed empty and had this gloomy feel to it. I was rather uncomfortable at first… despite it being a really beautiful and big house.

"Shorty? Hey!"

I shook my head and stared out the window. Home already? What he just said didn’t go unheard though. I immediately turned back to him, my eyebrows furrowed. "What did you just call me?"

He grinned, "Shorty. You’re home. Want me to carry you in?"

I shook my head again, this time in disbelief. "Will you stop that? I’m not short. I’m 5’5. It’s you that’s too tall. You… you giraffe!"

His eyes widened and then he started laughing out loud. What is he? Mad? Oh, we’ve already confirmed his madness before.

"Whatever… thanks for the drive home, giraffe," I said. He grabbed my arm before I could open the car door.

"That wasn’t really nice. Say it again… properly."

I turned to glare at him. I wanted to kiss that smug grin off his face. Wait! Did I just say that?! Ugh... This can’t be happening. I pulled my arm away from his grip and held onto the door handle. I forced a smile and blinked twice.

"Thanks, giraffe." Before he could stop me, I bolted out of the car.

"Hey! Mia!!" I laughed as I watched him get out of his car, looking frustrated. "You’re so childish."

I was already at the doorsteps when he said that. "Look, who’s talking! You started it," and then I just went in before he could say anything else.


"Mia, Mia… You’ve got a love rival," Nick smirked. We sat at our usual table in the cafeteria. James kept staring at me like I was an alien. My eyes though kept moving to Tyler’s table. He sat with his group of friends. Jessie was practically sitting on his lap, her arms holding onto his tightly.

"Really, Nick?" Carla jumped in. "He’s not interested in her."

"You never know."

"Ok… ok. I get it," I huffed. Jessie is popular, a cheerleader and pretty sweet so why wouldn’t he like her? I won’t believe it if anyone told me he didn’t.

Nick put an arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him. I frowned at him but he just smiled. I’m starting to get used to his sudden hugs. "You’re jealous. Admit it."

"I’m not jealous, stupid." I hit him lightly in the head.

Bryan smirked as he looked between the two of us. "You two seem pretty close."

I shot him a glare. Suddenly I felt someone pushing me aside and then taking a seat between me and Nick. The hell?!

"What are you doing here?!" I growled.

"I see someone’s not in a good mood," Tyler snorted.

I could see both James and Carla trying to hold back laughter. Bryan still had that smirk plastered on his face. I rolled my eyes at them. "Why are you here Tyler? Fancy having you at our table."

"I don’t know. Why’s the new kid at your table?"

"I think the new kid has a name," Nick retorted.

"Oh, really? Well, I didn’t know. Nate… was it?"

"Actually it’s Nicholas, or Nick."

This time I looked between the two. It seemed like they were throwing invisible daggers at each other. I cleared my throat and looked to my friends for help. It was starting to get really awkward, but my friends seemed to find it amusing. Oh great. Why do they hate each other when they don’t even know each other properly?


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Published: 6/19/2013
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