The Betting Game - Chapter Seven

This cannot be happening. I watched as his lips turned into that famously sexy crooked smile. He knew...
After English class was over I walked to the library to get the books I need for the assigned project. That was part of the reason… the other part was because… well, Tyler is supposedly here catching up on lessons he missed because of basketball practice.

I have a feeling he’s been avoiding me since yesterday and that’s been bothering me. I walked around the shelves acting interested in the books while sneakily looking around for Tyler. He should be here some- Oh! Yea… of course he’ll be looking in the English books section. It’s not only my class who has an English assignment due on Monday.

So I’m walking backward like an idiot when I slam into someone and I hear cursing. I turn to see an annoyed Tyler. Yes! Found him. He throws me a glare before storming past me. I, of course, the stubborn person that I am, follow him to his table. He ignores me anyway. It’s as if I don’t exist, so to get a reaction from him, I play around with the pen he’s not using. Click… click… click… you know that annoying sound the pen makes when you press on the top. Well, I figured it was worth it, even if it got us kicked out.

"Stop it, Amelia." His voice held a hint of real irritation and anger. His use of my full name all of a sudden made me flinch.

"What’s wrong with you?" I asked, slowly putting the pen down.

"I’m trying to concentrate."

"Tyler… if you-"

"Hey, shorty… if you keep bothering me like this, I swear to God, I’m going to carry you and throw you out of the library myself."

Shorty?! That again!! I got out of my seat and stood beside him, my arms crossed. "I hate how stupid you can be sometimes," I said, then leaned in so close that his face was only inches from mine. His eyes widened. "I’ll make sure to wipe that arrogant attitude off your face."

I don’t know where all that confidence came from, but the moment I saw his crooked smile… the one girls went crazy over… I lost all that confidence. Before I could move out of this dangerous position, his arm caught mine and I almost fell… holding onto his shoulder for balance. It was too late to back away though… his lips touched mine in a gentle, harmless kiss, yet for some reason I felt a fluttering in my stomach. A very odd and abnormal fluttering that made me feel strange all over.

Stupid, I know. There wasn’t that hate and disgust I had felt the first time he kissed me… it was different and when he pulled back, I felt the warmth of his lips leave mine. I suddenly felt cold. What hell is wrong with me?

Another stupid lazy grin from him, and I snapped out of my stupidity. "Not funny you idiot," and then I just turned and left like a robot. It’s creepier how the kiss doesn’t bother me one bit.

"Mia? Hey, did you get the books you needed?" Clara asked the moment I walked out.

"Oh crap! I forgot." Damn you Tyler.

Nick stood beside Clara with an amused smile plastered to his face. This guy seems to find me really interesting.

"Just get it tomorrow. What did you go to the library for anyway?" She groaned.

I felt my cheeks heat up. Nick raised a knowing eyebrow and I just flipped him off while Clara wasn’t looking. All I got was a cute grin. Yea, I admit he’s adorably cute but he just pisses me off… partly because I know he’s planning something. I just don’t know what he wants.

"Drive safely," he said before walking off.

"Why was he here?" I asked.

"He volunteered to wait with me until you get your lazy ass out here. He’s nice, so stop being so rude to him," she sighed. I admit I hate the fact that I can be so guarded-up, but it can’t be helped. Well… not after what happened with Asher.

"I think I’m going to look for a job," I said.

"What? Really? Are you sure?" She looked at me like I had two heads or something.

"Yea, I mean… I can’t always get a ride from you. I know it’s a bother for you so I’m going to get a car."

"Baby, it’s not a bother for me. You’re my best friend."

"Thanks, but I still think it’s best I start working now. We might end up in different universities you know."

She nodded and we drove home… me completely thinking about that small stupid kiss with Tyler. He’s such a player. Kissing girls like it’s nothing…

"We’re going to have a hang out Friday at my house. So we’ll be going to my house after school."

I gave her a suspicious look as we reached my house. "Is Nick there?"

A sheepish smile, and then a nod. I shook my head at her and turned away. "I’m out."

"You’re coming, whether you like it or not!" She shouted as I walked home and slammed the door. I really needed a job so I ended up calling mum after finishing my home works.

"You want a job?!" Was the first thing she asked when I told her everything. What’s so shocking about me wanting a job? Just because I’m known for goofing around and not helping around much, doesn’t mean I’m really that stupid.

"That’s what I said, so mum-"

"Honey, you called right on time. You see there’s this job that pays really well, but I don’t know if you’re going to like it."

"Pays well? Tell me about it."

"Well, my boss at work said that he has a son who is apparently homeschooled and he needs a tutor. He needs someone who can put up with him because he may look innocent but he seems intent on chasing away all his tutors. He doesn’t study, and seems to hate everyone except for his older brother. Since he’s a kid… you know… around 7 years old, you can tutor him, right? I can take a day off work and take you there tomorrow after school."

"Aren’t you going to ask your boss if it’s ok?"

"Actually… he’s been asking me if I could get you over, because he really needs a tutor. So, it would be nice if you go."

Now that was easy. After hanging up, all I could think about was that I was going to work… probably get enough money by the end of this year and get a car. The only problem is… can I do it? I mean, after hearing all that, I’m not too sure. Why is a little kid so intent on keeping everyone away… everyone except his brother. They must share a strong bond. Another challenge… I’ll just have to take it up.


I hated this Thursday. Honestly, I had a stupid drop quiz which I didn’t study for and then I found out Tyler’s absent, so there’s no one to annoy. Nick kept teasing me about how I was ‘falling in love with him’ instead of him ‘falling in love with me’. I had to kick him in the knee to shut him up. And then I remembered that I was going to have to meet this kid I was supposed to be tutoring today.

I wasn’t in the mood anymore. I just wanted to go home and lie in bed… preferably just stare at the ceiling without a worry in the world, but mum was already here standing next to her car. She waved me over and I groaned as my confused friends looked at me.

"I found a job," I said.

"Already?" Was Clara’s reply while the others just looked at me with puzzled expressions… even Nick… damn him.

"Yea, mum managed to get me one. I’ll tell you about it later," I said as I sluggishly walked to give my mum a kiss on the cheek before getting into the car.

"If you’re going to keep that lazy expression on your face, you’re not going to make it through the day."

"I know mum," I said as I managed my best smile on.

25 min. later and we reached to a really quiet neighborhood. The houses were really big. All of them looked like mansions. The one we stopped at, had a huge gate and you could see red roses covering the walls… almost curling around the gates like a castle in a fairy tale. The gates immediately opened as if they were expecting us. Mum parked somewhere nearby and we both got out to be greeted by a woman in her 30s wearing maid clothes. What else? Did they have butlers?

I spotted a fountain in the middle of the yard. It was something like a mermaid holding a jar in which the water was pouring out from. Yes, I was in awe.

"I’ll show you the way Miss," the woman said.

We made our way up the stairs and the huge double doors opened, and what shocked me wasn’t the inside that had beautiful chandeliers that seemed to sparkle like gold hanging and everything looked seemingly cut out for kings…no it was the person who was standing there once the doors opened.

He was wearing a white button down shirt and blue baggy jean shorts. His hair seemed wet from a shower and they looked darker than its usual light shade, and they were messily hanging over those beautiful sapphire eyes which at the moment seemed to look deep into my soul. His eyes pierced mine with such great intensity that I ended up dropping my phone. This cannot be happening. I watched as his lips turned into that famously sexy crooked smile. He knew...


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Published: 6/15/2013
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