The Betting Game - Chapter Six

The moment I was back up on my feet again, I felt his lips brush against my ear and I heard the 5 words that sent shivers down my spine…
I put on my black skinnies, white button-up shirt, and my favorite black and white Converse. Clara shook her head as I put up my hair into a high ponytail.

"At least wear those cute blue shorts I got you last time."

I grinned, "No thanks. Do you want me to go or not?"

She sighed and handed me pink lip gloss. I shrugged and put a little on before jogging out to Clara’s car. I was a little hyped-up for some reason.

The drive to the gathering was quiet. I leaned my head against the seat and closed my eyes. I could feel Clara’s eyes glancing my way, every once in a while though. By the time we got there, it was 8:30. I spotted Bryan first. He walked toward us with a grin on his face.

"Where’s James?" I ask.

"Hello to you too," he shrugged. "He’s somewhere in the crowd. Mia, I want you to meet someone. Clara, you too," and then he dragged us both through the crowd. The smell of barbequed chicken hit my nose. Now I was hungry. There was a group of people sitting together around the fire. Bryan led us to them. I recognized one of them as Ben, ‘one’ of Tyler’s friends.

"He’s the host," Clara whispered and I nodded.

"Dude, got some hot chicks with you?" One of the guy’s blurted. Ben slapped him in the head and I couldn’t help but giggle. Come to think of it, where’s Tyler? Isn’t this his type of crowd?

"Guys, this is Nicholas; he’s my new neighbor and is also going to be a senior in our school so I brought him along," Bryan said pointing to a guy with chocolate brown eyes and honey blonde hair. He smiled when he noticed me staring. Oops.

"Nick… these are my friends, Amelia, and Clara."

"Nice to meet you," Clara spoke up.

"Yea, nice to meet you." I added.

"The pleasure is mine," he grinned. Woah, he had a heavy British accent. "Yea, I just came back from London."

"That’s so cool! I love yo- I mean I love your accent," Clara gushed. I rolled my eyes at her. She has a weakness to hot British guys. I nudged her in the stomach causing her to shoot me a glare. It quickly disappeared though, when Nick spoke up.

"Thanks, but I find the American accent more attractive."

I look around for Tyler but there’s no sign of him. Stupid jerk face… where is he?

"Looking for me?" A voice whispered from behind.

His voice was so close to my ear, it made me turn and kick him in the shin. He groaned and kneeled in pain. It’s not my fault, he decided to surprise me like that.

"I can’t believe you just did that!" He hissed.

"Who told you to sneak up on me?! It was so not cool." I snapped.

He held out his hand, "Help me at least."

Ugh… annoying idiot. I grabbed onto his hand and got pulled to the ground as he got up instead. Jerk face!! I heard laughter and my face snapped to Nick. What was so funny? Tyler gave him an annoyed look to which Nick thankfully ignored.

"Who are you?" Tyler asked.

"This is Nick… our new schoolmate and hopefully also classmate," Clara jumped in.

"Amelia?" Nick held out a hand to me… still ignoring Tyler. The moment I was back up on my feet again, I felt his lips brush against my ear, and I heard the 5 words that sent shivers down my spine…



After what Nick said at the gathering, I hadn’t felt up to anything anymore. Somehow his words made it sound like he was up to something… not good.

Worse… 2 minutes later and I found him walking into our class. His eyes twinkled when he saw me. I swallowed hard and looked away as he sat two seats behind me. As he passed by, he dropped a piece of paper on my desk.

Curiosity got the better of me and I opened it… There in cursive handwriting he wrote:

Can I join the game?

I swallowed hard as my eyes widened. Game? Does he know? I turned to look at him and he winked causing a blush to come to my cheeks. I quickly turned back. Not good… No… No… No. There’s no way he knows. No one does… it’s only between us four.

Right after class was over, I ran to the cafeteria… frantically looking for my group. I was so panicked that you’d think I was trying to run away from someone. Ok, maybe I was.

"Bryan, damn you! What did you tell him?" I almost yelled the moment I sat at our table.

They all gave me weird looks. "Tell who?" Bryan finally asked.

"Nick of course. He knows about the bet!"

"What?" James and Clara exclaimed at the same time.

Bryan smiled sheepishly. I could strangle him right now. "I didn’t think we would go to the same school and he’s a pretty cool person."

"Bryan! I can’t believe you. This is between us only! No one outside this game should know."

"Let me join then. I could spice everything up for you." I jumped at the familiar voice. This guy is going to cause me problems. I felt him wrap an arm around my shoulder. "Of course, if you don’t mind."

Everyone looked at me expectantly. What?! Are they serious? "Whatever…" I mumbled after a moment of silence. I shrugged off his arm and stomped off to get my lunch. For a moment I turned to Tyler’s table and found him giving me a really dark, pissed off look. Oh God, why was he angry at me? I don’t remember doing anything wrong… except when I kicked him in the shin, but that was long forgotten…


Hello Everyone,

So I decided to add a new character. Not much happened in the gathering because the whole point of it was to actually introduce Nick. And don't worry guys I'm taking my time writing this story so there's going to be lots of fights between Mia and Tyler, but I might add in some sweet parts.

Oh and thanks so much for the lovely comments! I'm glad you guys gave me your opinions and thoughts, and I love you for it. Don't forget to comment on this chapter too. Give me your opinions on Nick... if you think he's a bad guy or not.
Published: 6/10/2013
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