The Betting Game - Chapter Ten

Even though it was a little dark, I could see a blush creeping up her face. I turned my attention fully back onto the road. Well, if that's it, then I'm not going to fight over it with her.
Tyler's POV

I always hated waking up early in the mornings. Not because I was lazy and wanted to sleep in like everyone else, but because it's practically the loneliest time of the day. Today wasn't any exception. I woke up and made my way downstairs after washing up and getting ready.

The dining room was empty, except for the housekeeper who came in with freshly baked slices of cake, tea, and pancakes. Yea, that's pretty much what I eat for breakfast. Usually only one slice of cake would be enough. These days though, I've started eating more. My appetite has somehow increased. I still had that empty feeling though. I kind of wished my parents would be here for Tanner's birthday next month. I got over the fact that they never remembered my birthday, let alone celebrate it... but Tanner needs this. He's still too young to be left out.

The drive to school felt equally boring and lonely, but I managed through it. Well, at least there's someone who seems to do lots of interesting things every day.

"Tyler, dude!"

I rolled my eyes as Jason walked to my side and we both entered the school grounds. "The new kid's still messing with your girl."

I slapped him in the head the moment he said that. He stared at me wide-eyed, then shook his head. "I'm being serious. Can you not do that!?"

I scowled at him. "And when did I say I own her? She's not my girl, Jason."

Well, she wasn't. Mia doesn't like me. I didn't want her too. My life was too messed up, and I've never dated a girl seriously. So, I really don't like the fact that Jason is set up on making me believe that I 'like' her. Just because I find annoying her fun, doesn't mean I like her.

"Whatever, your loss man," and with that he walked off ahead of me. I narrowed my eyes as I watched his retreated back. Damn you Jason. I hope you slip and fall hard on your butt.

You know what's funny? The fact that Jason really did slip and fall on his butt. My eyes widened and I stared hard as he got back up and glared at the ground. Then, I started laughing... I think I laughed too loud because Jason turned to throw me a glare too.

"That's not nice," a familiar voice said beside me. I looked to my right to see a pair of beautiful turquoise-green eyes staring at me. "You cursed him, didn't you?"

I opened my mouth to say something but she held up a hand and for some reason that shut me up. "Tyler Collins, I knew you were a jerk... but..." She shook her head, as if disappointed.

"If you keep saying that, you'll have to walk to my house. So, just shut that pretty mouth of yours."

She immediately shut her mouth and gave me a hard glare. I don't know why but I don't hate this girl. I may have really felt irritated by this girl at first but something about her is just different. It was obvious, she cared... and it was obvious that deep down she has a scar that has yet to be healed. I didn't want to pry or anything, but I was actually rather curious to know about her past. Does that even make sense? Since when did I even bother?

"You better get to class. Oh, and remember... if you're late, then you'll have to walk."

She frowned. Does it even make sense that I enjoyed the little fights we had? Jason called me a sadist which really didn't help my case. I don't fight girls usually... the moment I talk to them they get all girly and sweet on me. It's like none of them want to be on my bad side. They all believe that being on my side makes them cool. Yet, here comes this one girl who seems to not like my attitude and she shows it.

What's even more annoying and hard to control is the stupid emotions. I'm supposed to be calm over everything... I was always the nonchalant one, but when it comes to her, it gets all messed up. I suddenly realize I'm caring for things I shouldn't care about. See what I mean? This girl is dangerous, but it's too late to stay away now.

"Bye, jerk." I heard her say before walking off. The smile on my face vanished the moment I saw the bastard a.k.a Nick appear out of nowhere and wrap his arms around her shoulder in a rather too intimate way. He turned to give me a smug grin before turning his attention back to Mia. What's his point anyway?!


"Why do I have to let you know?" She snapped. Right about now we were sitting at the small table in the kitchen, sipping on coffee. Mia had settled on a cappuccino. Tanner was trying to solve a few Math problems in his room.

"Because I'm his guardian right now. So, tell me. How is he doing?"

She scoffed, "He's doing fine. No need to worry. Can I go now?"

She took a sip from her cup as she waited for my answer. "Aren't you hungry?" I blurted. I should have just kept my mouth shut. Why ask that, you idiot? I didn't want to admit it, but I think my stupid mind wants her to stay a little longer. Does that make sense? These days nothing do.

She bit down on her lower lip and looked at the almost empty cup in front of her. "I ate 2 hours ago, Tyler. I need to check up on Tanner." She stood up, causing me to stand up with her. I cupped both her cheeks in my hand and grinned. Her expression was priceless. "W-Wha?"

"You have foam on your lips. Let me clean it for you." I lied. It was rather funny watching her struggle to keep on a cool demeanor.

Her hands moved to my chest and she attempted to push me away. Does this girl really have no feelings toward me? Could it be that she's holding back? Why should this little gesture bother me? Her pushing me away... shouldn't I be used to it now? I slowly let my hands fall to my side.

She quickly licked her lips and smiled. Did you have to do that? I wanted to ask. Now I felt trapped. She makes something so normal look so sexual. Maybe I should get a girlfriend. "Just go," I said.

"Fine you ass. I'm going," her smile turned into a frown. She made her way past me, her shoulder brushing my arm in the process.

All this started with that time. If Tanner hadn't sneaked out and followed me, she probably wouldn't have even bothered talk to me. Why the hell do I keep bothering with her then?

Isn't it because she's the first person to actually stand up to you?
Isn't it because she actually cared?
Isn't it because of her sincerity?
You love her, don't you? She triggered that emotion you were trying to keep out.

"Shut up!" I snapped. Now my own inner mind was talking back to me. About time I go crazy. I don't 'love' her ok? I don't even know her that well. Just no... maybe it's the fact that she's amusing and it could be that little shine in her eyes when she's being nice for a change. That shine that I've seen a few times when she'd joined us in basketball or... when she'd joke and play around.

I sighed when our housekeeper walked in waving me over frantically. "Tyler, dear... Your mother's on the phone."

I nodded and picked up the other phone in the kitchen and motioned for her to hang up the other one. "Yes, mother."

"Tyler, this is sudden but we're leaving to Turkey. There's an important business deal that your father and I have to take care of. We'll be back in two weeks. Make sure the new tutor finds everything comfortable. I heard Tanner likes her."

"Yea." The phone hung up then... nothing more to say, huh? I walked to my room and plopped down on my bed. 2 weeks... It took a few minutes for my eyes to give in to the tiredness...

"Hey... hey, wake up!" I really don't like being told what to do. I felt warm hands on my shoulder gently shaking me awake. "Tyler!"

Mia... she has to bother me even in my sleep. I took the chance to grab her arm and pull her down on the bed. She yelped and landed right next to me... her back pressed against me. I tried to hold back the laughter as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. This felt so right. I could stay like this all day.

"Tyler!" She hissed.

"Hmmm?" I whispered in her ear. I felt her tense and that brought a smile to my face. Amelia Bryans... nervous... just perfect.

"I need to go home. It's getting late. Will you please-" I heard her gasp as I pressed my lips against her neck. "T-Tyler!"

I smiled wider. At least I got a reaction from her. I slowly moved my hand to her stomach making her struggle to get out of my hold. I grinned. This girl is really ticklish, isn't she?

"No... No please, Tyler! I'll do whatever you want!"

I froze. I moved so I was on top of her now. "Whatever I want?"

She hesitated, "Uhhh... as long as it's not something crazy."

"Kiss me," I blurted.

"Ok..." It took her a moment to realize what she had said ok to. "What?! You can't be serious!"

"Why not? It's not like it will be our first or second for that matter."

"That's crazy!"

"No it's not."

"It is!"

"Not!" I started feeling irritated and before she could say anything else, I crushed my lips to hers. She blinked, obviously taken by surprise. I ran my hands through her hair and smiled against her lips. I love her... not. I don't... I really don't. You do, you idiot. Shut up!

I quickly pulled up and sat on the edge of the bed. "Don't just walk into a guy's room like this. You're too vulnerable."

"I... I need to go home!" She said. "Never mind... I'll walk."

"You already woke me up. What's the point? I'll take you."

5 minutes later and I'm driving to our next destination. I sighed when my phone decided to ring at that moment. I pressed on the speaker button and muttered a 'hello'.

"Tyler! I heard your parents went to Turkey." It was Jessie, and wow does news travel fast. "So, I'm coming over," she said cheerfully. Seriously?! Why now of all times?! I turned to see Mia fidgeting with the hem of her shirt.

"Don't," I warned.

"But Tyler, I'm already here. Joe just left. So, I have no way to go back. Where are you?"

I sighed. "I'm not home."

"Then where-"

"I'll come, take you home in a few. Don't you dare fall asleep on my bed!" I flinched the moment the words left my mouth. Could it sound any more awkward? Beside me, Mia scoffed. I quickly hung up the phone before Jessie's whining could come through. Technically our parents are business partners so Jessie comes and goes like she's family.

"Looks like girls are always going to your room," she crossed her arms against her chest and looked out of the window.

I ran a hand through my hair and let out a sigh. "You got the wrong idea. I don't do girls in my bedroom if that's what you mean."

"Oh whatever Tyler. You and I both know too well what you do and don't."

"What do you mean?" I gave her a look of disbelief. I know people believe me to be a player but I'm not. The last time I really did anything I shouldn't be doing is a few months back and I didn't start it. I try to stay away as much as I can because I can't ever be emotionally involved. Wait... "Are you... jealous?"

Even though it was a little dark I could see a blush creeping up her face. I turned my attention fully back onto the road. Well, if that's it, then I'm not going to fight over it with her. My grin widened when she snapped. "In your dreams!"


I tried to make this chapter long but I suck at doing that, so I still hope you guys comment and like this chapter too. Since a lot of people voted on writing Tyler's POV... I did, but I'm not sure if I were able to convey Tyler's feeling properly. I don't usually write the guy's POV.
Published: 6/29/2013
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