The Betting Game - Chapter Thirteen

I felt a lump form in my throat when she wrapped her arms around his neck and he didn't attempt to stop her.
4 Years Ago...

I sighed when Asher shot me a glare. "Can you not follow me when I tell you not to?"

So, that night they let us go because it was raining too hard and I was being annoying. Oh, and apparently they weren't going to 'drag' a girl into this.

"I'll follow you everywhere until I'm sure they leave you alone Ash!"
"Ami! Stay out of this."

"No, will do."

We fought over that for the whole week and surprisingly not much happened. We were ignored. It felt as if we were ghosts walking down the hallway to our next class. It was almost too good to be true. I put down my guard and didn't argue when he ran back to class to get his Math book.

I stood outside waiting for him for what seemed like forever. 5 minutes later he runs out, panic stricken, but attempts to give me a warm, comforting smile. I frown as he runs ahead of me and shouts something on the lines of, "Don't worry, I'm not going to let them bully me anymore."

I was confused, but what shocked me into screaming was not what he said, but what happened. The moment he stepped onto the road, this car that was driving so fast just happened to stop after hitting him so hard, he fell back a few feet or something. The last thing I saw him do was attempt to get up and look at me... not with hatred, or regret, or anything like that. He almost smiled before falling back onto the ground surrounded by his own blood.

I broke down into hysterics as people surrounded him and started calling on the cops and the hospital. Is he even alive? That thought made my heart constrict in pain. It might have been the most crying, and screaming, and pain I'd felt in my whole life. It was unbearable.

I should have been there. I should have held his hand the whole way. If this was going to happen it should have happened to me, or at least to both of us. I felt someone's hand on my shoulder and I jumped. Mark, one of the bullies looked down at me with what I thought was pity. I guess, although kids can be so cruel they could have a soft side too. But... I hated him. I hated him so much for causing my brother so much pain. "It's you! You did this!" I screamed at him over and over again. I kicked him in the leg and pulled his hair but he didn't do anything.

If anything, he looked rather scared and worried. Maybe he didn't expect all the bullying to get Ash- Oh God! He's not... I broke down again in endless sobs and when mum got here, we both drove to the hospital. Mum was trying to keep calm but I could see the crease in her forehead and the sign of distress all over her face.

Ash was currently having surgery. Apparently his lungs were damaged and he had a severe blow to the head with a few other broken body parts. According to the doctor, if by any miracle he were to live through this... he would probably have amnesia... or worse... due to too much blood loss he might become like a little kid and act like one and...

"Amelia... he'll be ok," mum encouraged.

I just nodded while looking out of the window and silently praying to God to save my twin's life. After the surgery he was in a coma. Imagine my despair when the doctor said that his chance of waking up was barely 30%.

Two months passed after that and he still hadn't woken up. I had changed schools of course. I couldn't stand staying in that school anymore. I would spend most of my time in the hospital and my mum was beginning to get worried. My mum was going through a lot of hardships too, but I was too busy with my own pain that I didn't think much of it.

I started losing hope after a while and every time I'd see something related to Ash, I would break down and you'd think I'd finally gone crazy.

Until... that Monday when I went to the hospital I found him lying in the bed, motionless like usual but his eyes were open. That little new gesture made me so happy, I practically yelled for the doctor. I held onto his hand the whole time while they checked up on him.

"Ash, I'm sorry. If you come back, I'll do everything you say," I kept saying. I thought it might give him the strength or need to wake up. "Why isn't he blinking?" I asked after a while.

The nurse turned to me apologetically. "Sorry Amelia dear, but Asher is currently in a Vegetative state. He may do things that he himself doesn't really know, and sometimes he might make small gestures, but that's just normal for these patients. He's doing things rather unconsciously."

"What does that mean? He won't come back?" I almost screamed.

She slowly shook her head. "We're not sure yet, but most people who stay in this state for too long are just suffering and they're practically gone. He'll feel trapped and suffocated dear. It's been 2 months... we should let him go. He-"

"NO! You're crazy if you think I'll let you kill him!"

"You're just sending him to a better place. We'll have to talk to your mum."

"Do it."

I turned at that sudden voice to see my mum standing there, her eyes bloodshot. "I thought about it and honestly, I do think my little boy will be happier in the other world."

"Mum! No."

Two weeks after that I was bawling my eyes out at the funeral. It should have been me. I blamed myself over and over again. This shouldn't have happened to him. He was a few minutes younger than me, yet he was a much better person than I could ever be. The self-blame and hate went on for quite some time until my mother decided to send me to a therapist. Even if I do get better, deep down... it always feels like it was my fault. I should have done something... anything. Bullying became my weak spot. Because of that I can't stand watching people get bullied.


Present Time

I let out a sigh as Nick took a seat next to me and flashed me his usual lazy grin. I turned away from him, but then he had to start poking me. Oh please, let the class start before he drives me crazy.

"Why are you so grumpy? No sleep?"

I finally turned to him and let out another sigh. "Pretty much. Nick... let's talk later."

"Mia. I think you should end this."

This time I sat straight and stared at him wide-eyed. "What do you mean?"

"The whole thing with Tyler... end it. I know you don't want to do it anyway."

I frowned but what he said got stuck in my mind. I don't want to hurt him... I really don't, but even if I stop, it won't help things get better. Maybe I should just talk this out with the others. Clara may find it crazy, and things may just get awkward, but I really feel like I can't go any farther.

An hour later, while walking to my next class with Nick still by my side, I see Tyler standing in front of me with both hands in his pockets... he was obviously staring at the idiot stuck next to me. Nick took the chance to wrap his arm around my waist and pull me closer to him. "End it Mia," he whispered.

"What's your problem all of a sudden?"

"I don't like this whole betting thing anymore. It's changing you way too much."

I slowly pinched his arm and he jumped back. I forced a smile and waved Tyler over. It might have been one of my most stupid decisions. He didn't look too happy to see Nick and that was making me feel rather uncomfortable. He grinned... that evil lopsided grin, and for a moment I thought he was going to kill him, but he just passed by... his hand brushing against mine.

I immediately turned to see him round the corner. Why did I feel like he was trying to restrain himself from going all crazy?

"Bastard," Nick muttered.

"This is what they call jealousy," I heard a familiar voice say. I shook my head as Clara put an arm around my shoulder. "Trust me."

I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Whatever. I'm going to talk to him." I ran off before they could say anything else.

I found him leaning against his locker with his head hung low. I grinned and was about to call out to him when a blondie walked up to him and practically pressed herself against his body. "Forget her; she's a loser. She doesn't deserve you."

I felt a lump form in my throat when she wrapped her arms around his neck and he didn't attempt to stop her. I don't know what got into me but instead of walking away I walked towards them. Blondie threw me a glare when she saw me and Tyler stiffened. His eyes bore into mine, but I turned to the bimbo who was still glaring at me.

"Well, I didn't want to say this... but he doesn't deserve a slutty, gold-digging bitch either." Woah! I really couldn't believe I'd said that. Her expression was priceless. It's safe to say, Tyler looked rather proud.

Blondie didn't look too happy though. "You! You asked for it," and then she stomped off. If she was a cartoon character, she'd have smoke coming out of her ears.

I crossed my arms against my chest as I gave Tyler my death glare. "She was going to eat you alive. This is why you can't win against them. You should right out reject them."

He grinned. "Jealous?"

I blushed. Ugh! "You're welcome, jerk."

"It's not that I can't reject them... it's just that I don't bother."

I narrowed my eyes at him and shook my head in disappointment. "Player."

"Am not!"

I shrugged. "Whatever you say."

"So what happened with Mr. Douchebag?" He asked. I couldn't help but notice the hint of coldness and anger in his voice.

I sighed. "Someday, I will know why you hate him so much."

"He's a coward, and a complete jerk. Someday, I will know why you don't just reject him."

I stopped and stared at him. "Reject him?"

He rolled his eyes. "Get rid of him. Don't you get it? The guy has a 'crush' on you." When he sees the obvious disbelief on my face, he sighs. "I swear you could be the densest person in the universe."

"Ha-ha, very funny joke Tyler."

"Well, I wasn't really joking," he mutters.

I punch him lightly on the arm, "Let's just get to class."

Before I can walk off he grabs onto my arm and pulls me back so I'm facing him... his chest actually. Due to his height I have to look up to meet his eyes. I blink in surprise as he smiles nervously. Is this really happening?

"About the dance..."

I almost winced... almost. If he asks me to the dance, then it's over. I've won the bet and when he finds out he will hate me. I should stop it now if I want things to not get messy.

"...Will you go with me?"

But when he asked me that I felt it was my heart that was breaking. "Why? Why me?"

He let go of my arm and scratched the back of his neck. He was nervous! "I guess... because, you're not a slutty, gold-digging bitch?"

"Oh," I looked down feeling a little disappointed.

"...and you're a pretty cool person. Putting aside our usual fight, even though I enjoy them... wait, I meant to say... even though we're usually fighting; I think I like you," he was blabbering nervously, which was cute but the last part just made my eyes widen and my heartbeat faster than usual, and I think he noticed because he immediately shook his head, "...forget it. I meant-"

"Tyler... I'll go."

For a moment he just stood there looking at me; and then as if just realizing I accepted... he grinned and ran his hand through his hair. The relief was evident on his face and it kind of made me happy, and then all of a sudden the weight of what I had just done came crashing down on me. I just said yes to him. This pretty much means that I won the bet. In other words, I didn't clear that whole bet thing up before saying yes to him.

Kill me please...


Hey Guys,

So I wasn't really that happy with this chapter, but I thought it was about time, Tyler admits his feelings... a little. I'll try making the next one much better.

El, you're lucky lol. I've always wanted a twin.

Now, I'm seriously so happy with the comments. BrittLove, you asked me what inspired me to write this? Believe me, your comments are my inspiration. What inspired the idea to write this story at first was my friend. I got Amelia's character based on her. The events that happen are fictional though. It just comes to my mind while I'm randomly listening to music or sketching, AND mostly when reading your comments. It encourages me so much and even if I feel like giving up, it becomes impossible.

If you guys have any questions or suggestions, just ask me. I think I'll answer them all in the last chapter.
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