The Bleeding Heart of Rob Golden - Chapter 1

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"Robbie," my mother whispered through the door. "Wake up. You should already be dressed." I smiled as I opened the door, I had already gotten myself together.

"Mom, I'm already dressed." I told her, as I grabbed my car keys off my key hook beside the door.

"My bad dear. Where's that crazy little sister of yours? Do you know if she is up?" She asked as she fled down the hallway to Rihanna's room.

"I'm not sure if she is mom. I didn't hear her moving around in the bathroom." I commented, closing the door behind me as I headed downstairs to the kitchen. I fixed a bowl of cereal and scarfed it down. The clock in the living room rang five minutes later, letting me know that it was 7 o'clock.

"Mom, I gotta go. Rihanna's just gonna have to catch the school bus."
"She will be fine," my mother yelled from her bedroom. She should have gotten up on time. Have a nice day Robbie." I smiled again as I headed out into the warm November morning.

I climbed into my Chevrolet Camaro, my six foot four frame making it hard for any of my friends to sit in the back. My mom had begged for me to give it up, she was constantly telling me that she would buy me a new car but I wasn't going to give it up. I had built this car from the ground up. Most of my friends found it funny and I had to agree but this was my baby and she ran perfectly.
I turned the volume up on my song "Big Popppa" by Biggie Smalls as I sped down Clovelly Road to I-195. First Nelissa's house then off to Armstrong High. Once on the interstate, I received a text message from Becca, my best friend.

***Hey Robbie. If Yu R Goin 2 Pick Up Nelissa Be Ready.***

I didn't understand. What was Becca talking about? I got off the exit to Nelissa's house and called her. The phone kept ringing but no answer. What was going on? I was at Nelissa's house five minutes later. I honked the horn 5 times before she finally came out.

"Nelissa what are you doing?" I asked her, putting the car in park.
"I can't come to you," she said, shivering in her coat.
"Why the hell not?" I questioned unbuckling my seat belt.
"Because..." Was all she muttered before she covered her mouth and darted for her front door. I got out of the car and bolted into her house. I found her leaning over the downstairs' bathroom toilet.

"Baby, tell me what's going on. Are you sick or something? You've been throwing up for the past two weeks."
"Rob, don't be mad okay," she said, looking up at me.
"Why would I be mad if you are sick? If you are sick then that means you need to go to the doctor."
"I already went to the doctor."
"What did she say? You got the flu or something?"
"Well, what did she say? Baby, you gotta talk to me. I wanna take care of you if you're sick."
"Robbie. I'm not sick..." She said, as tears began to fall from her face.
"Baby, what's wrong? Don't cry, tell me what's wrong." I pleaded as I leaned down beside her.
"Robbie. I'm pregnant."

I shot up from the ground.
"How the hell did that happen?" I asked her, shocked. "We haven't had sex."
"I know," was all she had to say before I figured it out.
"Why the hell would you cheat on me?"
"Robbie I didn't mean to. I promise."
"What the hell you mean you didn't 'mean' to?"

"It was an accident. I didn't mean to," was all she kept saying as she started sobbing.
"I can't believe this shit, Nelissa. 18 months together and this is the thanks I get?" My mind was whirling around in circles. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Shit, her dad was home.

"What's all this ruckus going..." Her father started to ask and then looked at her. "Nelissa why are you on the floor?" Mr. Ryan asked.

"I don't feel so well dad."
"Go ahead and tell your dad why you don't feel so good," I said, crossing my arms across my chest. Mr. Ryan just looked at me.
"Dad, please don't be mad."
"What the hell Nelissa. Tell me what is wrong,"
"Go ahead Nelissa. He wants to know."
"Dad... I'm pregnant," she says as she throws up into the toilet.

His glare turns to me but I quickly go into defense. "It's not my baby, Mr. Ryan. She cheated on me. Your daughter and I have never had sex, I promise you. Ain't that right, Nelissa?"
Nelissa picks her head up from the toilet and looks at us both. "It's true dad. I cheated on Robbie and I got pregnant from another guy." Mr. Ryan's face turned crimson red.

"I can't believe you. After all your mother and I went through and this is the thanks we get? Your mother must be spinning in her grave right now. I am ashamed," he said, as he covered his face with his hands. "I am truly sorry for this Rob," her father told me. I nodded as he walked out of the bathroom, I then heard the front door open and then slam.

"How long have you been sleeping around with this other guy?" I asked. "And don't you dare lie to me."
"Robbie, I'm so sorry," she muttered.
"That didn't answer my question."
She sobbed before she whispered, "A year." I stared at her in disbelief. So she had been cheating for that long.

"Nelissa, it's over. I would try to help out but I can't. You're a cheater, a liar, a whore. I will always love you but I will never be in love with you knowing that you are carrying someone else's baby. I can't. I wanted to marry you, Nelissa. Start a family. But a few pleasurable minutes with some dude fucked it all up for you."

She glanced up at me.

"I'm so sorry Robbie."
"Don't call me that," I smirked at her. "My name is Robert to you. And I am sorry for you as well. Goodbye Nelissa," I told her as I left out of the bathroom.
"Wait... no, Robbie. No, please don't leave me!" She screamed, but I ignored her because I knew I deserved so much more than her.
Published: 2/14/2013
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