The Blood Ritual - Chapter Five

Continuation of the fantasy and romance.
England 1632

"You're awake my dear." Sylvania fluttered her eye lashes and slowly opened her eyes. She was greeted by her Lord and her love. She smiled weakly, still lying on a soft, comfortable bed. "It’s been three days. Are you hungry?" Sylvania merely stared into his eyes and smiled faintly.

"What’s wrong? Are you alright?" Confusion enveloped his face as he continued to kneel beside the bed where she is lying. "How are you feeling?"

A small laughter replaced the faint smile on Sylvania’s face. "I’m quite alright love; I just could help but stare."

He smiled tenderly back at her, holding her hand and placing it against his cheek. "I haven’t any idea what you are saying, but it doesn’t matter as long as you are fine."

"My father didn’t find us?" Sylvania asked as she gained recollection of what happened before she fell into her long sleep. "Are we safe?"

"Your father, along with twenty men, has searched the whole house... that is... except for here of course. Your father is very obstinate. During the three days you were resting, he searched this house every day, hoping that he would stumble onto the trap door and find you." He was silent for a while, submerged in deep thought. Sylvania waited quietly for him to speak again.

"We cannot stay here forever. Sooner or later your father will find us and take you away from me. I cannot let that happen. Rest now my dear, and when you regain your health we will travel to London, away from Sussex, and start a life there."

"Of course, my Lord." Agreed Sylvania, knowing that they can’t take any chances. Everything they’ve worked towards, their profound love, their future together, would all crumble once her father discovers them and hands them over to Father Credence. If she could cry, tears would certainly roll down her pale cheeks as she imagines this.

"Rest now, my dear. Don’t worry too much." He sighed softly. "I will be back with your breakfast soon." And with that, he smiled at Sylvania, turned, and left through the trap door. Sylvania watched the shadows beyond the door engulf him, and with a weak, worried frown, drifted off into a dreamless sleep.
Published: 12/1/2011
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