The Blood Ritual - Chapter Seven

A secret order rises to terminate this pair of lovers, whose relationship in the eyes of the order is forbidden.
Sunlight. Cascades of brilliant rays descended upon the castle.

"It is at this time that creatures of the night are the weakest, for they must rest diligently in the shadows if they want to live to see the next moon. This is the perfect time to retaliate, to save my daughter from that vicious, despicable monster. How dare he lure and enchant my beautiful daughter into his sinful arms to be hunted and killed like a monster? Sylvania is my life, the most important thing I have left. I swore that I will protect her until the day I die, and if that means I die saving her from that disgusting creature, then so be it."

"John, we must form a plan of attack now. I understand your anger. The monster should pay for infecting your daughter. As a servant of the Lord, I promise you, God will be by our side." Father Credence said firmly as he patted the shoulders of the enraged father. "The abomination cannot remain hidden forever; he is bound to reveal his tracks somehow. He must drink or else he is weakened."

"We should guard all entrances, he will definitely come out one night to feed, and then we shall capture him because he will be at his weakest." John's roaring voice resonated off the walls of the tiny Secret Order room.

This room, well-furnished and lavishly decorated with God and his Grace, is where the Secret Order of Righteousness gathers to discuss supernatural occurrences and devise plans. It is not a secret order, really. In fact, everyone in town knows the existence of the order, that its leader is the honorable Father Credence, and believes firmly, deeply, without hesitation, that it exists to serve and protect the people from darkness. Male members of any household can report what they deem to be evil and receive the right to kill such an evil with his own hands.

"Send a group of armed Arch-soldiers to guard the house before sunset and make sure every entrance is secured." Father Credence commanded.

The Arch-soldiers are named after the archangels, protector of people. These men are handpicked by lead fathers of each generation to be honored by the position. They are taught to be swift, defensive, observant, and obedient; they are trained to use their astute instinct and quick reflexes to attach their targets. Together, they form a formidable human weapon, to be used against all that stands in the Order's path.
Published: 6/25/2013
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