The Blood Ritual - Chapter Six

After the ritual was complete...
England 1632

His footsteps were lightly felt by the stone-cold floor of his small castle, even though he walked with a very heavy heart. He pondered the possibilities: how to escape, where to go, who to see. He would do everything in his power to have Sylvania by his side. She was his only and true love, and without her, his dull, insignificant life would perish too.

Why did the humans have to be so difficult? Why are they so afraid of me? I have never harmed them in my entire, extensive life, yet they persecute me because I am not like them. Is love not meant to be universal, the most important ingredient of a human, a trait enshrined by their religion?

He quickened his footsteps at these thoughts, hiding every now and then, even though he is already gliding, passing the corridors with his stealth, like a dark shadow.

Humans are supposed to be loving, kind, forgiving and accepting, but in truth, they are full of hatred, anger, and prejudice at the sight of anyone unlike themselves. Except for my beautiful Sylvania, of course; she is the most marvelous gift from heaven, sent to spend eternity with me in a perfect bliss.

For her first meal, he would prepare something special. He will have to drain the creature in a vial instead of capturing it. Sylvania always had a tender heart towards animals, and he couldn't bear to see her frown, to know that she is unhappy because of him.

It was a chilling night, much like the night they first met. The brief waves of cool air had no effect on him. He was just as cold and colorless. Quickly, like lightning, he disappeared into the forest surrounding his castle.
Published: 6/12/2013
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