The Blood Ritual - Pg. Four

Continuation of the romance and fantasy. It's present day Ottawa.
Present Day, Ottawa
"Clara honey, I'm home!" a familiar voice flowed to her ears and she turned to greet the man it originated from.

"Daddy! I'm so happy you're back. I miss you so much!" Even before she finished her sentence she was hugging the man dressed in a gray, vintage business suit. Dominique Samian is the co-owner of a gigantic corporation. His hectic life is filled with business trips, conventions, and decisions. Despite his frantic job, he still tries to spend at least one day a week with Clara; sometimes he would see Clara sitting on her bed, staring at the beautiful photograph of her departed mother, and he would feel immense guilt and responsibility towards Clara. Clara's mother, Susana, passed away due to cancer when Clara was five. "Sometimes life isn't fair", he would think, and "which is why I have to give Clara the best while I can."

"Awww I missed you too sweetie. Come and look what I got you." Dominique smiles as he opened his suitcase to produce a delicate music box with a spinning ballerina at the center.
Clara gasped, "Oh daddy, this is beautiful! I love the ballerina's violet dress, and the heart shape of the box, and the pretty music, and...and..."
"I'm glad you like it, honey. It makes me feel so terrible to have to be away for so long, so often." The guiltiness in his voice was clear.
"Oh don't feel bad daddy, I completely understand and I can take care of myself. You needn't be so worried..." Clara hugged him yet again, even tighter.

"I am so proud to have you as my daughter..." Dominique let out a sigh of relief and joy, knowing full well that the guilt will return the next time he goes away on a trip without her. "Come on, let's celebrate my coming home and go out to eat at your favorite restaurant. What say you?"
"That's awesome! Give me few minutes to get ready. I'm so excited!" Jumping with delight, and then embracing her father for the last time, she bounced upstairs with her beloved music box to change into the perfect outfit to impress her dad, who patiently waited with a huge grin on his handsome face.
Death or no Death?
No Death
Published: 6/6/2011
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