The Blood Ritual - Pg. One

Continuation of The Blood Ritual - The Beginning.
Three weeks ago...

Clara sits reading her favorite horror literature of all times with her long, voluminous auburn hair tied up in a loose bun. Her magnificent back garden looks almost angelic; brilliant sunshine casts at various spots of the lawn where lush treetops don't reach. Though her skin is quite pale, Clara prefers the shade under the trees, to indulge in the coolness amidst the heat that surrounds her this lovely afternoon.

"How do you do? Forgive me for interrupting, but I can't seem to stop myself from engaging the attention of the beautiful lady in front of me."
Clara looks up with her wide, green eyes and sighs. Another placid reading interrupted by this stupid idiot, why doesn't father just send him away? He is the only guy on the face of this planet who tries to pick up girls with an antique style spoken in a phony British accent.

"Good afternoon to you too, Thomas." Clara flashes a false smile. Why can't he be the one that's standing right in front of me? Flashbacks to that Saturday night party immediately presented itself to Clara, the lavishly decorated room, the birthday cake, the look in his ocean blue eyes. Gabriel was a complete stranger to her until that night. Where he came from, she did not know, but she has never seen any guy like Gab. What happened that night seemed too much of a fantasy love story to be true; that charming night, Clara will never be able to forget. Love story by Taylor Swift was playing as he entered her sight, dressed up according to the renaissance theme of her birthday party; he looked just like the Romeo Taylor Swift is singing about, and from the dreamy way he looked at her, she felt like the swan Juliet. A rush of excitement and curiosity filled her the moment their eyes met, and boldly his gaze pulled her towards him. This must be love at first sight! Clara thought dreamily, I must be under his wonderful enchantment, his love spell.
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Published: 3/12/2011
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