The Blood Ritual - Pg. Three

Continuation of the blood ritual: a romance and fantasy. (Sorry for not updating)
England 1632

"Have some more, Sylvania, my dear. Last chance to taste the sweet-sour wonder." He poured some more of that bloody liquid into her goblet, and then stared at her while she drank with pleasure. "Your father always resented me for my influence over you, but he never saw what I could give you. Everything, Sylvania! My heart, my soul, everything. "

Sylvania sat motionless in a velvet throne with the goblet slightly under her mouth; her wide green eyes looked blankly into nothingness. Slowly she raised her petite face, "Won’t he come searching for me? Won’t he kill you? I’m scared, fearful of what will happen…"

As if answering her dreadful fears, voices sounded near their castle, from men with torches. "Quickly, come with me! They are here! I can’t have your father take you from me! We can hide in the secret chamber where I’ve already prepared everything; they will never find us there." He grabbed her hand and they fled into the lavishly decorated hidden room in the cellar.

"I know you are in here you evil creature! Let my daughter out!" Although the voice was filled with anger, it contained more despair and weariness. "Father Credence has agreed to get rid of you once and for all; you are finished!"

"It’s father…I hear him…" Sylvania murmured weakly, torn between family and love. She implores something to give her a sign, something that would help her make up her mind, then she saw him gazing at her with such tender, beautiful eyes. She chose him.

"Kiss me now…I’m ready."

With an affectionate smile, he pulled her closer to him, soon face to face, eye to eye. "I love you." He whispered. Slowly moving to her neck, he kissed her, "We can finally be together. You. Me. Eternity…"
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Published: 5/30/2011
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