The Blood Ritual - Pg. Two

Romance and fantasy continues with Clara and Gabriel. (Sorry for the late update, been busy.)
"My lady? Clara? Are you listening to me? Are you alright?" Clara's romantic recollection of that evening dispersed, the wonderfulness gone, leaving her with an empty feeling. She is back to reality and extremely crossed with Thomas, she snapped at him, "Yes I am fine! Do not call me your lady. I am not your lady."
Thomas appeared stunned, "I...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you or anything. I...I was...I thought..." he sounded hurt, struggling to find a satisfactory reply.

"Never mind, Thomas, I'm just really tired. If you don't mind I'm going to go rest inside." Not waiting for a response, she started walking towards the mansion, but then turned to Thomas, "Oh, and father is away on a business trip. Father is on a business trip, so if you have anything you would like to say to him, please, wait till he comes back in two weeks." Turning her back on him yet again, she walked away from him into the house.
The main hall, the living room, the dining room, the ballroom, everywhere is filled with memories of him. How can this be? We've only met three weeks ago. How can I be so smitten with love? I believe in love at first sight, but this is really ridiculous! Clara silently laughed at herself for all this silliness and started to climb the long winded carpet stairs that leads to her bedroom. The hallway. Memories stuck her like a tsunami wave despite her moment of self pity just seconds ago. This is where their first conversation took place. He had led her there, away from the crowd. They gaze locked for what seemed to be eternity...

"Have we met before?" He whispered. A rich, sexy accent filled her ears, tingling them. A jolt of electricity ran through her. She chuckled softly at this, and a look of confusion and curiosity materialize on his perfect face.
"It's just amusing. I can't believe that after all the intensity in the looks we shared, the first sentence you spoke to me would be a classic pick up line. Yet, I adored it when you said it!"
A look of relief replaced the confusion. "May I know you name?"
How can he be at my birthday party without even knowing who I am? He's probably the guest of one of my friends. "Of course you may, it's Clara, Clara Edwards."
"Such a beautiful name... My name is Gabriel Alexander Richardson, at your service, Clara." Gabriel bowed deeply, extended his hand to Clara's hand, held it, and kissed it softly.

His mannerism seems so ancient, yet so charming! Clara thought to herself. She can't help but smile affectionately at Gabriel. It seemed as if she had known him her whole life, yet they have only just met. Their gazes met yet again, so full of warmth and love; before Clara knew it, Gabriel kissed her, their lips entwined. This is so wrong, I've only just made acquaintance with him, now he's kissing me! Clara thought of resisting, but in less than a minute her heart melted. Nothing seemed more right than to kiss him back, and that's exactly what she did. Wrapping her arms around him, she kissed him feverously with all her might.
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Cliff Hanger
Published: 3/14/2011
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