The Chapel or Judge Eternity 14 of 20

Anthons Vengeance.
Martin Luther froze where he was, he had never seen death come so quickly and to someone he knew before.

There was no blood, no cry, nothing, Anthon had been reproaching him and then he was dead.

Men suddenly appeared from all around. Three of them where carrying crossbows and were laughing

"He didn't see that coming did he?"

"Nah I reckon not. That's the bastard that killed Rand and his three boys last year, I'd know him for his size anywhere."

"Well he won't be killing anybody now, will he?"

There were men with staves and men with axes and they were all looking at Martin Luther. They were filthy and their clothes were a shambles, they all looked half starved.

Someone yelled from the glade, "This armors useless, it won't fit anybody."

"Watch that big horse, from the looks of him he'll bite your face off."

Three men came from the glade.

One of the men with an ax cuffed Martin Luther and knocked him to the ground, "We might be able to ransom this one, but I'm glad this one is dead." He punctuated his sentence by kicking the giant in the ribs.

The bully turned back to face Martin Luther, his mouth working like a fish, he had a shocked look on his face and all the men turned to see what was wrong with him. His legs walked forward with a strange shuffle as his torso fell backward.

Anthon stood up and cut two more men in half at the waist.

To their credit the three men with the crossbows made a hurried attempt to reload.

Two more men between the giant and the crossbowers died before they even knew what was happening.

Anthon's sword passed through a third and lodged in the thick trunk of a tree, without pause he left the sword there and grabbed one of the archers men by the throat and began beating another man with him. They both came apart at about the same rate.

The third man took careful aim at the giants back as his companions were screaming their death cries. He never heard Martin Luther come up from behind with the ax.

It was a poorly aimed cut and struck the mans shoulder instead of his head, but the monk had split wood for the fire ever since he had gone to the abbey, the stroke was powerful and cut a foot into the mans ribcage. He fell gurgling into the forest loam.

The rest of the bandits fled into the forest.

Anthon pulled his sword from the tree and cut the top of the dying mans head off silencing his gurgles.

"You were dead!"

"Not from crossbows, it'll take more than that to end me. But come here and help me get these damn things out, I think they're barbed."

"You were dead!"

The giant rolled his eyes at the panicked monk.

"Yeah, they're barbed. This is going to hurt." Anthon walked back into the glade and snapped the shafts of so he could remove the mail shirt."

"Come here monk, I need you."

"You were dead!"

"Will you shut the hell up with that 'You were dead' tripe and come here!" Anthon mocked Martin Luther's high tone as best as his deep voice would allow.
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Published: 11/11/2010
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